Night Photoshoot Therapy 30th September 2006

A night of photoshoot using my telephoto 70-200mm F4 L USM lense and my wide angle 17-40 F4 L USM lense, doing a walkabout around Gateway West and Parkview Square. It also served as a form of therapy from the anger, frustrations, stress, fatigue etc etc and bringing myself back on track to my goals and objectives in life and career.

Hope you folks like the pictures (real test of my telephoto lense) ……

After a simple walkabout, went with Ray to Suntec & Marina Square for coffee and window shopping (Ray & me have very differing views on window shopping).

Suntec City Convention Centre

2 men rock band @ Marina Square Groove Nation section

Coming to this blog soon, more photos from the night shoot ……

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