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The Apprentice Asia is now running on AXN and in its first season, we are watching some great exciting actions on AXN. The Apprentice Asia, an Asian reality game show for the participants, they are a group of aspiring young businessmen and women compete for the chance to work with Malaysian entrepreneur Tony Fernandes.

For the participants, it’s the journey to be Like An Asian Boss! How would you like to be Like An Asian Boss ? How would you see yourself Like An Asian Boss ? Would you like to see how others and myself see ourselves Like An Asian Boss ? Let me share with you some interesting photos of how I see myself as Like An Asian Boss.

How do I see myself Like An Asian Boss ? Here’s my photos ! Find more photos of #LikeAnAsianBoss on my Instagram!


I try to look fierce in the above photograph however I looked too nice instead !


I think this Garfield cat looks more fierce and dominating than me ! 

You can think, imagine, dream and compose your own Like An Asian Boss photos! Share them on Instagram! Remember to put the hashtag #LikeAnAsianBoss ! Here’s something fun and interesting for you to take part and have fun ! Shoot your #LikeAnAsianBoss photos and gather your friends to like it on Instagram! Gather more than 50 Likes and you can receive something wonderful for you! Visit the site below and submit your #LikeAnAsianBoss photos!

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  1. shifu, cos you don’t have the menacing aura at all… so stay nice, better 😛

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