Prelude to my Shanghai holiday trip from 30th January to 3rd February 2007

Shanghai ~ the Paris of the East

A magnificient city, prosperous and metropolitan, busy, modern yet she is able to retain its beauty and history. This was my holiday destination, since my last (personal) holiday to Penang, Malaysia in October 2004.

It was an eye-opener for me to the mighty and powerful China, my first trip to this giant country (even my parents went to more places in China than me), great cultural experiences, exchanges and chat.

I would be writing up on my daily adventures and would try to write in my “best photojournalistic” manner. The travel schedule would be as follows:

Day 1: Oriental Pearl TV tower, Pudong, Puxi, East Nanjing Road, Songjiang
Day 2: Zhou Zhuang, Puxi (Night sceneries), East Nanjing Road
Day 3: Sheshan, Zhu Jia Jiao Canal Town, Shanghai Film Studio, Jinmao Tower
Day 4: Temple of the Town Gods, Songjiang
Day 5: Factory outlet, Pudong International Airport

Do keep a look out for my adventure story telling with great photographs.

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