Scene City Singapore by Channel News Asia

For the next 7 weeks in Singapore, on 830pm every Wednesday night, photography fans would be able to watch, learn and enjoyed a short series of Singapore photography in action. What is this all about ? Before going further, check out the video ..

Tom Ang, a famous photographer, would be bringing 2 local photographers in each episode to different locations in Singapore, to capture Singapore from different perspectives and photographic challenges. After watching the 1st episode on Channel News Asia, I was impressed by the short yet meaningful and interesting photography documentary. I went surfing for more information and found Eulee’s post on Scene City Singapore, who was also one of the photographers involved in this 8 part series.

The following locations would be where Tom Ang and 2 different photographers every week would be heading

19th August – Resorts World & School of the Arts
26th August – Singapore Dance Theatre & Timbre
2nd September – Semakau Landfill & Pulau Ubin
9th September – Kim Keat Lane Bakery & Changi Fishery
16th September – PSA & Print Dynamics
23rd September – Pearl Bank Apartments & Margaret Drive
30th September – Southern Ridges & Sungei Buloh
7th October – Star Cruises

Source : Eulee’s Blog Post

My fellow Photography fans, do keep your Wednesday 830pm free for the next 7 weeks !

If you a tourist researching on locations in Singapore that is off the “normal tourist” track, this would great information for you too !


  1. It’s really a great event!

    different Singapore indiferent people’s eyes!

  2. Very interesting! Yes, I will try to stay indoor and watch it.. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. Looking forward it it very much!! Nice to see different aspects of Singapore.

  4. Author

    Hi iWalk

    Yeah ! Very interesting and helpful to improve photography !

    Great to view Singapore from other people’s perspectives !!

  5. Author

    Hi Cashmere

    Thank you for your support too !

  6. Author

    Hi Jon

    Hope you enjoy the show just as I did !

    Do drop by often !

  7. This series on photography is great and I have always respected Tom Ang’s teaching having bought and read many of his photography books!

    May I ask if this series will be put on DVD and sold to the public?

    For the missed episodes where can I view them?

    Thank you and regards!


  8. Author

    Hi Tony

    Yeah, Tom Ang is a respected photographer and teacher too !

    This series is still ongoing at this point in time, I am just as curious & keen to know whether they would be put on DVD & sold to public.

    For missed episodes, might need to wait for a repeat telecast or the series put in a DVD.

    Hope this helps !

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