YOG 2010 – 365 Days Countdown Fireworks


The world FIRST Youth Olympic Games in 2010 is officially 365 days away from its Opening Ceremony in Singapore, the 1st Host Country for the Youth Olympics Games ! This event was marked by a great day of fun, party, games, sports and fireworks to welcome this event held at the Padang.


The event was attended by mostly students, there were adults too inside the event, enjoying the youthful atmosphere and fun. With different sports showcasing their gear and stuff, introducing them to the students and allowing them to try it out. There were sports booths such as cycling, fencing, rowing, sailing, archery, and many students were seen trying the various sports out.


There was a party and concert, along with Ministers and VIPs, at the steps of the City Hall before the Countdown Clock by Omega the Official Timekeeper for YOG 2010 was officially launched and beautiful fireworks fired up into the Singapore sky from the roof top of the City Hall, lighting up the sky and mesmerising the crowds in front and at the Padang.


For more photos, drop by my Flickr !

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