Singapore Biennale Closing Weekend

Singapore Biennale is drawing to a close this coming weekend of Saturday 15th February and Sunday 16th February. The Singapore Biennale journey had been a fun and interesting adventure for me, with many different photographs over the various unique, artistic, abstract and wonderful artworks by many different artists. If you haven’t visited the Singapore Biennale yet or haven’t visited all of the Singapore Biennale artworks, do come down to the various venues this coming weekend of 15th and 16th February 2014!


There are many exciting programs lined up for the Singapore Biennale Closing Weekend, check out their Facebook Events page for more details here! For the Singapore Biennale Closing Weekend, it is Free Admission and Extended Opening Hours!

Here are some quick details attached below (from Singapore Biennale Facebook Events Page) –

Fri, 14 Feb – Sat, 15 Feb: 10am – 9pm
Sun, 16 Feb: 10am – 7pm

1. From 14 – 15 Feb, gallery opening hours will be extended to 9pm for SB exhibits at the following venues: SAM, SAM at 8Q, NMS and TPM.

2. From 14 – 16 Feb, there will be free admission to the SB exhibits at the following venues: SAM, SAM at 8Q, NMS and TPM.

3. To sweeten the deal for SB visitors, there will be free admission for all from 14 – 16 Feb to the SB parallel exhibition, “A Changed World: Singapore Art 1950s – 1970s”. This gallery will also offer extended opening hours to 9pm for both 14 and 15 Feb.

For more information on the Singapore Biennale Closing Weekend and its programmes, please visit


This is my 3rd Singapore Biennale that I attended, the memories from my three Singapore Biennale adventures can be found here in my Flickr collection! Do take the chance to visit Singapore Biennale during this closing weekend, have a fun time, viewing and enjoying the many artworks on display there at Singapore Biennale!

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