Singapore River Hong Bao 2008

The Singapore River Hong Bao is an annual cultural event held in Singapore, as part of the Chinese Lunar Year Celebrations. It’s a great spectacle of showcasing Chinese cultures, exhibitions, delicacies and performances. More details of the Singapore River Hong Bao 2008 can be found here.

It is an event that attracts both locals and tourists, therefore, there were performance troupes from China, performing cultural dances and performances, giving the River Hong Bao, a multi-cultural feel. For 2008, this event incorporates other religious displays, building religious and cultural harmony and understanding.

There were game rides for the children, 4 different days of fireworks and something for the visitor to Singapore River Hong Bao. Personally for me, Singapore River Hong Bao is a great opportunity for me to take photos relating to Chinese Culture and of course, I had a great time enjoying the Lunar New Year Eve Fireworks that lasted 10 minutes !

Wish all my readers again , Happy Chinese Lunar New Year ! Gong Xi Fa Cai ! May the Year of the RAT be a great year of blessings, well wishes, luck and good health for you and your family members !

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