Upcoming Travel Photography Competition & Exhibition

The Singapore International Photography Festival is scheduled to take place from 8th to 31st October 2008 and in conjunction with this event, there is a fringe event known as “Asia Mosaics – Travel Photography Competition and Exhibition”.

For more details and information, do drop into the official websites here :
For my fellow travel and photo bloggers in Asia, do consider taking part in this event !
I am thinking of entering this competition, I feel it will be an excellent event and competition to test myself (in travel photography), ever since I was introduced to photography at a very young age by my dad and turning more serious into my hobby about 3 years ago.
Folks, if you drop by into my Flickr site and find outstanding travel photos in my collection, that you feel I can submit, do feel free to drop me your views and recommendations !
Good luck with this competition folks ! Last but not least …… Enjoy taking many many travel photos !


  1. Hi, i like your blog. Can we exchange link? Thanks you.

  2. Hi viqi french,

    Thanks for your kind comments ! I received your invitation via Blog Catalog, haven’t have the time to download it yet, would look into it shortly !

    Thanks for sharing !

    Do drop by often !

  3. Hi indonesian photographers,

    Thanks for your support, it will be great to exchange links !

    I would arrange for your link to be on my blogroll asap !

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