Oceanus Media Global announced the launch of its S$5 million cutting-edge Futurealistic Studio. An immersive media studio, it’s a one-stop shop, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and a highly trained production team. With this combination, they can help businesses create customised immersive media productions, allowing them to deliver distinctive brand experiences. 

At the recent media launch of S$5 million Futurealistic Studio by Oceanus Media Global, we had a feel, an immersive experience of what this modern technology and multi-media production house is capable of producing and delivering modern new age works and experiences for their clients in an ever-changing era of modern technology, social media and video consumption by both brands and consumers. 

Photos courtesy of Oceanus Media Global

With the usage of high-end virtual production technology, this enables Oceanus Media Global to offer next-generation storytelling experiences in a wide range of markets, from film and TV production to concerts and corporate events. 

Their expertise, experiences and ability to combine and integrate various different technologies XR, AR, MR and VR into a singular customised virtual experience to meet any brand’s bespoke vision. This is made possible with its extensive investments into cutting-edge equipment and developing the specialised knowledge and technical expertise needed to operate the studio. This Futurealistic Studio is the first of its kind in Southeast Asia and will put Singapore on the map for immersive brand experiences.

For brands and companies looking into doing live streams and broadcasts, wanting to do something different beyond that, they can be augmented with motion capture equipment to create immersive and interactive digital concerts in the Metaverse. As a matter of fact, Oceanus Media Global has helped to create ShiGGa Shay’s The ‘365’ Mixed Reality Experience, SEA’s first mixed reality concert. 

Oceanus Media Global currently works with businesses to create distinctive, digitally driven experiences that push the boundaries of our imaginations. Their portfolio is impressive, with iconic events such as The Front Row 2021: Asia’s first virtual fashion festival, Singapore National Day Parade 2021: First NDP to incorporate live AR effects, and Razor Con 2020: World’s first live-streamed event powered by Razer Chroma RGB lighting, were made possible with the company’s wide range of media tech capabilities. 

Nick Tan, Chief Executive Officer, Oceanus Media Global, said: “Our studio will serve as a platform for clients to get a taste of what futurealistic experiences could be like. When we brought together various agencies that are industry leaders in their own specialized fields, our vision was to create a team that delivers the next generation of immersive brand experiences. The launch of our Futurealistic Studio will raise the bar for immersive media productions in Singapore and we are excited to be at the forefront of our industry. We look forward to creating many more memorable experiences that will leave a lasting impression for audiences everywhere.” 

Oceanus Media Global will continue to grow its team at the immersive media studio and is looking to expand its current team of 50 by 50% within the next 2 years. They will continue to build expertise and hope to develop the next generation of media producers for Singapore. 

As a photographer myself, that is also into writing about modern technology stuff, this Futurealistic Studio by Oceanus Media Global represents a good hybrid mix and blending of media production with modern technology, ready for the new future of work, internet, social media and living. From producing new age immersive technology experiences for brands and businesses, to future potential collaborations with creatives from filmmakers, videographers, photographers, they are at the forefront of new future of media production, a blend of traditional, modern and future coming together. 

Immersing myself into the future at Futurealistic Studio (photo shot by Gin Lee of GLOO PR), this gives me new insights not just into the future of media production, on how the world could possibly and potentially adapt a hybrid future demand for both physical and virtual world experiences together. As a photographer myself, I am also thinking how am I able to cross into, blend and integrate other modern technologies to produce new digital artworks/content. A new futuristic internet, media production, social media and virtual world awaits the world.

Would my photography and content creation have an opportunity to collaborate/work with Futurealistic Studio in the near future? Let’s see where my photography and content creation journey takes me into the new future. 

* Information courtesy of Oceanus Media Global and GLOO *

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