Viewing city and urban landscapes in a new and different light through the eyes, heart, soul and lens of Wing Chan’s photomontage. Introducing IMPROVISE/3.0 Wing Chan Photomontage Exhibition at SHOUT Gallery Singapore, when I visited this exhibition, I was brought into another world on how we can view daily city and urban landscapes of ordinary people living in their own country, through the lens of Wing Chan.

As a photographer myself, I would always take the opportunity to immerse myself into the photographer’s views and perspectives, the styles and approaches adopted by them that can be seen through their photography works on display. Modern city living around the world today is fast and furious, uniquely complex and intricate in its own ways for the city itself, sometimes they can be pretty complex for locals as well as people from other parts of the world to fully understand. Through Wing Chan Photomontage works, we can view the true fabric of the city, the intimate connection between the people and the city environment. 


If you are into travel and street photography like me, you would like Wing Chan Urban-Tapestry series. The shopping malls, subway platforms, like everyday city living, might sound mundane and boring to some. Yet this Urban-Tapestry series would show you city living and routine in a very different light and perspective. 

That’s art, soul and rhythm in an organised boring chaotic city living, that we might not see it,. Maybe we are too engrossed living inside this inner city circle that sometimes we take it for granted.


Wing Chan creates his form of optical poetry that can be very interesting, bold, colourful and abstract, challenging viewers to interpret the themes and messages behind his artworks. Some works look like scrapbook journal artwork entries, while some had pretty interesting photographs montage. 

Intriguing and abstract, it takes a while for me to understand, while some artworks might be too abstract for me to understand. That’s the beauty of such forms of artworks.


View it up close and personal 

I would encourage you to make a visit to IMPROVISE/3.0 Wing Chan Photomontage Exhibition at SHOUT Gallery Singapore. View it up close and personal with the artworks, you will feel and understand, not only the photography artworks, you might understand more about our city living and lifestyle.

An inspiration

Creatives learn from fellow creatives in the same genre as well as from creatives from different cross-disciplines. Wing Chan Photomontage IMPROVISE/3.0 is an inspiration, on how I can curate my personal photography projects/works into a more refined and curated photography series that can be exhibited and published. 

The artistic montage layout is amazing, an area that I would need help down when the time comes. I am lacking badly in the fields of art and craft, along with design work, as they are not my strong points. 

Wing Chan Urban-Tapestry 009 photomontage work, is about Seoul subway, shot in year 2014. I like this particular photomontage since I am a big fan of Japan travel, riding on the JR trains, subways, is something that you would be doing (unless you are in a tour group). I wanted to photograph and produce a series on JR Railway stations located in Japan’s countryside towns, especially those iconic stations that comes to colourful life during spring and autumn seasons. 

If you like to know more about Wing Chan, you can visit this Wing Chan x SHOUT Gallery SG article.

IMPROVISE/3.0 – Wing Chan Photomontage Exhibition 

Dates: 8th May 2022 to 8th June 2022

Venue: SHOUT Gallery Singapore

Address: 6 Scotts Road, Scotts Square, #02-04/05/06/07, Singapore 228238

Opening Hours: 11am to 8pm (Sunday to Thursday) 

                            11am to 9pm (Friday, Saturday and Public Holiday)


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