Taking photos on your smartphone, wanting to go beyond the digital experience and returning back to analogue photography days? With the world’s tiniest, most portable analogue instant camera Polaroid Go, you can explore, have fun and push your creative boundaries!  It’s time to “Go Create” memories with Polaroid Go in two new colour ways options for you to choose from!

Polaroid is celebrating more ways this year, for you to be creative on-the-go by releasing the pocket-sized camera in two bold colours, Black and Red. The new cameras come along with new creator-centric additions, a filter set for blue, red or orange-tined photos, and matte-black frame instant film for drama that kicks creativity and expression.

“The Polaroid Go has portability and the spirit of exploration in its DNA. We’ve seen an incredible response for this new camera format so we wanted to introduce even more ways for people to dive deeper into their creativity, while making it easy for them to go anywhere and capture whenever inspiration hits,” Oskar Smolokowski, Polaroid CEO, said.

How tiny and compact is this Polaroid Go? Measuring at only 4.1” long, 3.3” wide, and 2.4” tall, the Polaroid Go is the smallest analogue instant camera in the world. You can bring them along easily in your bag for your daily walks or travels! The Polaroid Go is designed as wearable creative companion, allowing creators to be empowered to head out, explore not just your local neighbourhood, towns and cities, beyond your home ground, to secret, unheard, new, and unexpected places in the world, and unleash the creative explorer in you!

Celebrating the launch of Polaroid Go Black and Red, Polaroid is kicking off the campaign with creativity and exploration at its heart, mind, soul and eyes. This would be an evolution from last year’s Go Create campaign, year 2022’s iteration is going to bring together creators across different artistic disciplines and cultures. Ibby Njoya, an artist and set designer, and Miranda Makaroff, a fashion designer, DJ, blogger and actress, traveled to Tenerife, Spain to show off their creative visions on the rugged island.

“For me, Polaroid has always been a tool of documentation and experimentation. As an artist, it’s allowed me to process the development of my skills as a set designer. Getting to experiment with the Polaroid Go’s portability during our shoot in the Canary Islands was so fun, I love how easy it is to bring it everywhere,” Njoya said.

“I love the new possibilities that the Polaroid Go creates. It makes it so easy to capture inspiration wherever I travel, which plays a big part into my creative process as an artist,” Makaroff said.

The new Polaroid Go Black and Red join the original Polaroid Go White camera, giving more opportunities for self expression wherever the next adventures leads and brings you. The Polaroid Go is built on its creative-minded features like the selfie mirror, self-timer, long-lasting battery, dynamic flash, double exposure, and travel-friendly accessories with the introduction of the camera first-ever lens filters and the smallest black frame instant film.

Whether you are a photographer (analogue or digital), creative artist, designer, illustrator, writer, or someone who just love to be creative and express yourself, let’s Go Explore and Go Create priceless memories with Polaroid Go Black or Red!

Pricing and Availability 

The Polaroid Go Black and Polaroid Go Red are now available at polaroid.com/go in May.

Polaroid Go Black Camera MSRP: $99.99 / €119,99 / £109,99

Polaroid Go Black Film Double Pack MSRP: $19.99 / €19,99 / £18,99

Polaroid Go Filter Set MSRP: $19.99 / €19,99 / £18,99

* Information and photos courtesy of Polaroid *

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