Momolato, arguably Singapore’s most premium gelato producer, recently opened their own cafe in the hip district of Haji Lane in March 2021. Momolato is founded by former investment banker Chef Sharon Tay. Although I confess to having a sweet tooth, I love ice cream, yet I don’t know too much about the world of gelato. That changed when I recently went for an artisanal gelato tasting session at Momolato Cafe. 

Located at 34 Haji Lane, Momolato is a small and cosy cafe, the space is a bit tight due to the total floor space constraint and the nature of the design, history and architecture of the shophouses along Haji Lane. I really like the decoration, feel and ambience of Momolato Cafe, simplistic, stylish and tropical feel. For those who loves a gelato supper night hangout on the weekends, they are open till 2am on Friday and Saturday.

Artisanal Gelato Galore! 

When you arrived at their gelato section, I reckon you will have a tough time choosing which gelato flavours to try, it’s artisanal gelato galore! 

Some of the gelato that I tasted at Momolato Cafe were watermelon soursop, ondeh ondeh sweet yam, Ecuador chocolate arabica, Kochi yuzu shisho, mango passionfruit osmanthus, Keto salted caramel. 

While my photos may look pleasing to the eye because I went straight into tasting and enjoying each different flavours that were selected by Momolato Cafe for us to try, without taking nice looking gelato photos first. I can assure you that it’s really good, of the highest quality standards and freshness. 

The six gelato that I tasted above were very refreshing, flavourful without being overpowering and not overly sweet. I love the Ecuador chocolate arabica, if you are a chocolate and coffee lover, you have to try that! For those who wish to have a cooling and refreshing gelato to cool down from Singapore’s hot and humid weather, you can go for the Kochi yuzu shisho, watermelon soursop or mango passionfruit osmanthus. 

There are still a lot more artisanal gelato flavours on their menu, I hope to try as many of them down the road!  

I tried their pandan waffle, it’s really delicious and flavourful. I don’t get the chance to try out different waffle flavours elsewhere, I reckon you will like it too and the other waffle flavours on their menu. 


I have heard of the word Keto being mentioned quite frequently in recent times. That is an area that I am still learning and understanding more, Keto is a diet that is low in carbohydrates but high in protein.

Keto gelato is something that I personally haven’t heard of at all. At Momolato Cafe, I got the opportunity to have a chat with Chef Sharon Tay, founder of Momolato Cafe who took the time to share with me more about keto gelato. 

In a nutshell, from a gelato newbie like myself, keto gelato is delicious gelato that gives you maximum enjoyment, it’s not too sweet (as compared to ice cream), not too much carbohydrates and no added sugars. For Momolato Cafe, they only use natural sweeteners such as erythritol and stevia. 

If you like to know more in-depth about Momolato Cafe keto gelato, please visit their page dedicated to the topic of Keto on their website. 

Many more Artisanal Gelato to try!

There are still a lot more gelato flavours to try out, I would also love to try out their gelato cakes popsicles, smoothies, waffles, ice cream cones. I have to plan a few trips back Haji Lane to continue tasting and enjoying artisanal gelato at Momolato Cafe. I haven’t try their Gelato cone and I want a double scoop! 

I would like to thank Momolato Cafe and Empower Marketing Asia for hosting me to a very delicious gelato tasting at Momolato Cafe.

For more information on Momolato, you can visit their website and social media channels below:


Facebook Page: 


Address: 34 Haji Lane S189227

Opening Hours: Sunday – Thursday: 12pm – 11pm

  Friday: 12pm – 2am

  Saturday: 12pm – 2am

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