The Fabulous Baker Boy is back with the relaunch of The Fabulous Baker Boy at Aliwal Arts Centre in January 2021. Food lovers can now enjoy fabulous food at The Fabulous Baker Boy! I had the opportunity to visit them at their new location at Aliwal Arts Centre recently, it was a fabulous and delicious time at their new dining location! It was lunch time when I was there, the crowd was pretty good, almost full! What did I have for my fabulous lunch during my visit to The Fabulous Baker Boy?  

Sourdough Toast

First and foremost on their menu, they are the “Basics”, the bread, sourdough toast and pancakes. I heard about sourdough bread previously, I haven’t tried it before as my usual choice of bread would be white or wholemeal bread. 

As I had my first taste of sourdough toast, I was also enlightened on the health benefits of eating sourdough too. It’s baked fresh daily, the aroma, fragrance and fresh hot from the oven, you would probably become a sourdough bread convert like me too.

“Heart Attack” French Toast! With Berries

This is not your traditional French Toast, it looks very different. When I tasted this unique “Heart Attack” French Toast, I was very impressed and I absolutely loved this! Crispy and crunchy on the outside, not too oily, soft and tender on the inside. 

A sourdough brioche soaked with eggs and cream batter, fried and finished with cinnamon sugar on the plate and maple flavoured syrup on top of it, along with side of plain yoghurt. 

When you visit The Fabulous Baker Boy, you have to try this, I reckon you would like this “Heart Attack” French Toast as much as I did!

FAB Duck Confit 

Their Duck Confit is not just another Duck Confit, it’s a FAB Duck Confit. This is a slow-cooked whole leg of a duck, observe the skin, it’s crispy and deliciously torched without overdoing it! The duck leg meat is soft and tender, cooked to perfection! 

The FAB Duck Confit is served on mash, with apricot and cranberry chutney. I would make sure that my duck leg meat is mixed with the mash and apricot and cranberry chutney before it goes into my mouth and tummy. This was so delicious that I didn’t leave a drop behind.

Cakes Galore at The Fabulous Baker Boy! 

For cake lovers, you would definitely be spoiled for choices when you are dining at The Fabulous Baker Boy, i have a feeling you might have a huge dilemma on which cakes should you choose to enjoy!

Remember to get a cuppa of coffee with your choice of cake! Now, it’s time to enjoy your desserts after a hearty, fabulous and delicious main course meal!

More than just Fabulous Food at The Fabulous Baker Boy

The Fabulous Baker Boy serves more than just delicious, fabulous food and drinks. They are a cosy and spacious cafe, family-oriented and friendly that the whole family would be able to enjoy, relax and have a good family bonding time over delicious food.

It was also an honour to meet Chef Juwanda in person, we had a very good chat and I learnt more about his journeys in his cooking and baking. He has a very high level of enthusiasm, passion and love for food, cooking and baking. All those can be felt through the heart, mind, soul and of course inside the cuisine that he serves at The Fabulous Baker Boy. 

We also had a deeper conversation on the topics such as different cuisines and the food industry. I have met a few very passionate food business owners who takes huge pride and love for their food, Chef Juwanda is one of them. A follow up foodie chat/sharing article with Chef Junwada is on the cards for me! 

Back to the topic of fabulous food at The Fabulous Baker Boy, there are still many more choices on their menu for me to visit again and try the other delicious food on offer. I would love to “conquer” all of Chef Juwanda’s extensive list of cakes on his menu and his cakes do deserve celebrity status not just for some of its unique creations and names.  

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I would like to thank The Fabulous Baker Boy and Empower Marketing Asia for the invitation and warmest hospitality in hosting this food visit session.

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