There is a new authentic Korean BBQ Restaurant at the Tanjong Pagar neighbourhood, located inside Amara Hotel on the 2nd floor, tucked away in a nice cosy corner, overlooking the busy and happening foodie district of Tanjong Pagar Road. Let me introduce to everyone, the IL PUM Korean BBQ Restaurant! Although the name of this restaurant gives more limelight to Korean BBQ cuisine,  they are more than just Korean BBQ food! The IL PUM Korean BBQ Restaurant serves a wide variety of authentic Korean cuisines, they have authentic handmade tofu Korean cuisine!


As a Korean BBQ food lover, I haven’t heard much about Korean tofu cuisine. However, I had a new and fresh view on Korean tofu cuisine after a visit to IL PUM Korean BBQ Restaurant, tasting their handmade tofu cuisine, as well as other authentic Korean dishes!

Authentic Handmade Tofu Made Fresh Daily

Yes, the name of this Korean restaurant is IL PUM Korean BBQ Restaurant, diners would naturally think of Korean BBQ cuisine. They are more than just Korean BBQ, you have to check out their handmade tofu, they are made fresh daily in their restaurant kitchen! 

Check out the following, Tofu Dulgae Tang, a special handmade tofu set (tofu perilla seed stew), and the spicy seafood tofu stew. The handmade tofu is smooth and refreshing, if you love tofu dishes, you have to try IL PUM authentic handmade tofu! 

Don’t miss IL PUM handmade tofu, aged kimchi and stir-fried pork! When you try this dish at IL PUM Korean Restaurant, take note of how you can combine them together and have an authentic Korean dish melting in your mouth! Although I ate kimchi a number of times, this was my first time that I tasted aged kimchi. It’s stronger in taste, and in someway very refreshing for my taste buds, I thoroughly enjoyed it!


More than just delicious, fresh and authentic handmade tofu

IL PUM Korean BBQ Restaurant serve more than just Korean BBQ, they also serve authentic handmade tofu made fresh daily. They have a wide variety of Korean cuisine for you to taste and enjoy when you have an authentic Korean meal at IL PUM Korean BBQ Restaurant. 

Do check out some of the Korean cuisine that I tasted below! I always love Korean starter dishes, at IL PUM Korean Restaurant, I discovered dishes that I haven’t got to try before. Which Korean dishes below would you like to have them for your lunch or dinner? 

A great and cosy authentic Korean cuisine restaurant 

Planning a family or work gathering over Korean BBQ / cuisines, IL PUM Korean BBQ Restaurant has private rooms that can suit your family or work gatherings. That’s always the communal feel with the long tables in the restaurant, ideal for your friends gathering over Korean cuisine or Korean BBQ!

There are still many more authentic Korean dishes from IL PUM Korean BBQ Restaurant to taste and enjoy! As a Korean BBQ cuisine lover, I hope to revisit again and have an authentic Korean BBQ feast with my family and friends!

IL PUM Korean BBQ Restaurant 

* I would like to thank IL PUM Korean BBQ Restaurant for the invitation to visit their restaurant and taste authentic Korean cuisine and handmade tofu! *

** A TGH Photography x Canon EOS R6 Mark II Explorer Series Production **

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