A new month has begun – September 2023, almost the first week has gone by. Once a while, I let my personal writing come into play, allowing my thoughts, views, and some updates on my photography (business and personal), and travel updates on my TGH Photography and Travel website. I have also published an earlier article on my TGH Technology and Business website, “A new month has begun – September 2023” from a technology, business, and personal perspectives. 

From Inspirational Quotes on Twitter 

First and foremost, a key theme for this month, as well as moving into Q4 2023, this quote/tweet by Inspirational Quotes on Twitter by Seffsaid (https://twitter.com/SeffSaid) left a deep impression on me: 

  • Reset. 
  • Readjust.
  • Restart.
  • Refocus.

Those 4 simple words are going to set the pace and tone for my writing inside this article.

Photography (Business and Personal)

Networks, Partnerships and Collaborations

On a professional basis, I am always building new networks, partnerships and collaborations that would bring in photography business growth. Discussing with production house, creative artists  

On a personal basis, I have to be selective on what I want to work with and work on. 

Exploring GenerativeAI 

The areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been on my radar in recent months, doing in-depth research, learning and understanding the impacts of AI on creative and photography industries. I am exploring GenerativeAI, the potential impacts on my photography (both business and personal), as well as how GenerativeAI can help me in whatever ways possible. 


Creative photography projects 

I always had this mind block in my earlier years that I am not a creative or artistic person, my art and craft subject during my school days was that bad, I can’t really draw or paint well. Through this book, ‘No Missing Tools” written by Fernando Gros, I was enlightened, breaking away the shackles that I am not a creative person. Check out my book review here!

From publishing and printing my own photography zines, photo books, I am slowly exploring and discovering my creative side that I initially thought that I didn’t possess. Combining my photography, with me maiden attempt diving into writing poetry/short stories based on my photographs, typing it out on an old school typewriter, let’s see where this new creative photography journey brings me. 

Holding my own solo photography exhibition, in conjunction with a new photo book launch is also on my plans. I am definitely going to face some skepticism and naysayers. 

Return of taking in photography “padawans”

I used to have friends coming under my tutelage for a short period of time, going back probably a decade ago. Over my years of photography shooting, gaining more new skills, knowledge and experiences, opening my photography business, I am ready to take in photography disciples again.

For this time round, I am more ready, knowledgable and experienced. Hopefully, I am more prepared to train my young “padawans” better than my previous batch. 

Just like Ahsoka (Star Wars series), “Well, I suppose you do come from a a long line of non-traditional Jedi”. 

May The Force Be With Me! 

Travel, Tourism and Hospitality 

I haven’t travel out for a holiday since 2019, I am making travel plans for Q4 2023, the time is now for me to bring back my travel visual storytelling, and hopefully reopen my travel photography and travel writing projects. Regional travel destinations would be on my initial list of countries. 

On the other hand, I am keeping my fingers crossed for some of my travel, tourism and hospitality projects/assignments to take off. This hasn’t been the easiest to break through over the years, even before the pandemic hits in 2020.

Disappointments, Challenges, Uncertainties and Seeking New Opportunities

Like a broker recorder, life is never smooth sailing, filled with disappointments, challenges, uncertainties. Life goes on, sometimes I share more here, sometimes I don’t share as much on social media as some might think otherwise. 

Life goes on, when one door closes, another door opens, finding new ways, new grounds, seeking new opportunities in an ever challenging and getting more difficult world ahead in Q4 2023 and YR2024.

Very few people know about some of my chess/tactical movements. If and when, the time is ripe, I might share more.   


I don’t know how many of you would read my posts

I don’t know how many of you would read my posts since I don’t post my lengthy writing on my personal FB, FB page or LinkedIN, like many of you on social media platforms. Some might prefer reading updates/posts on LinkedIN, personal FB or FB page.

Some PR folks do read my articles (and ranting), some friends read, not many overall I reckon. Most of them are probably watching videos on YouTube, TikTok and Reels, or overzealously posting updates and photos on their personal social media platforms, or sending them in group chats. 

Some care, many don’t, and a lot more will not bother to see or feel what is like in your shoes and situations that I am facing. 

A new month has begun – September 2023. Time to Reset, Readjust, Restart, Refocus, as I prepare for the final Q4 of YR2023.

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