Coffee business, cafe owners, restaurant owners, or food & beverage (F&B) owners, how would you like to have a modern, cutting-edge technology, sleek, compact and easy to use coffee roasting solution right in your premises? Presenting ROASTELIER™ by NESCAFÉ®, this compact coffee-roasting solution by Nestle raises the bar in coffee roasting. Their innovation lies in its compact size, it’s designed for cafes, restaurants, and baristas, that can allow business operators to unlock and simplify the art of roasting in the shop.

Jake Hu, Head Judge of World Coffee Championships and Master Roaster for over a decade shares his views and expertise with Singapore Coffee Enthusiasts and F&B Operators. As the Spokesperson, he says, ROASTELIER™ is a game changer for in-house coffee roasting.”

The global trends for coffee indicate that roasting is now the No.1 expertise indicator and the ultimate premium enabler. With the above key points in mind, ROASTELIER™ by NESCAFÉ® gives you the freedom of creating one’s (your very own) signature blend in the hands of you (the coffeemaker). 

By simplifying the art of roasting, and thus allowing customisation and experimentation through second step roasting, they can redefine your coffee experience with ultimate freshness. 

With ROASTELIER™ by NESCAFÉ®, this makes in-house coffee roasting simple, accessible, and entirely customisable. 

Have your own Signature Roast Roasted by You

How would you like to have your own Signature Roast, roasted by you? The ROASTELIER™ solution includes a range of fine Arabica coffees sourced from selected coffee growing regions around the world. 

These coffees are carefully assess for many quality parameters within Nestlé’s factories. They are then taken through the first step of roasting using their proprietary knowledge and equipment setup – referred to as ‘Prime Roast’ – to ensure consistently good results batch after batch.

There are three Prime Roast bean varietals – Brazil, Colombia, and Ethiopia (in either espresso or filter roast)

Brazil Prime Roast

The Brazil Prime Roast brews up light espressos that are medium-bodied with notes of nuts and chocolate complete with sweet, cereal notes; medium espressos that are balanced with notes of roasted nuts, chocolate and biscuits, dressed with hints of amaretto, and finished off with a velvety texture; and dark espressos that are rich, sweet, and complex with notes of dried fruits and cocoa with a long-lasting aftertaste.

Colombia Prime Roast

The Colombia Prime Roast impresses with light espressos that are sweet with milk chocolate and red fruit notes complete with bright and lively acidity; medium espressos with chocolate notes and raisin sweetness, emboldened with notes of roasted nuts in a medium acidity with sweet aftertastes; and dark espressos of intense body and notes of toasted almonds, cocoa, dried plums, and dates.

Ethiopia Prime Roast

The Ethiopia Prime Roast delights with light espressos that are round and balanced with notes of lemon tart, sweet citrus, and biscuit; medium espressos that are ripe with notes of black lemon, citrus and floral notes; and dark espressos that are delicate and rich with notes of dried fruits and hazelnut, finished off with a gentle acidity.

Coffee Made Simple 

Now you can have coffee made simple with ROASTELIER™ by NESCAFÉ®, they uses INTELLIRoast™ technology that combines the benefits of Fluid Bed Roasting with proprietary software, intuitive system, and robust exhaust management system designed to give you consistent roasting results, batch after batch.

The system is equipped with a QR code reader that recognises the coffee type and offers a range of roasting profiles defined by master roasters at Nestlé and programmed into its database. Through an intuitive user interface, baristas can personalise the roasting of the coffee beans and access several sensory profiles from the selected bean types to create their signature blends.

The vision of ROASTELIER™ is to elevate coffee appreciation at all levels, this is something deep in their heart, mind and soul. Whether you are the starter level of coffee drinking, or at the expert level who makes it, you can appreciate and love this coffee made simple with ROASTELIER™ by NESCAFÉ®, an encompassing experience rite of coffee drinking and appreciation passage that can be experienced your love and appreciation of coffee.

Taking this heart and vision further through blending and cupping workshops, makers like yourself can experience, learn, and create. For coffee business, restaurant or cafe business owners,  using  modular premium in-store execution complemented with point of sales materials enhance the consumer journey from introduction to purchase. Merchandise accessories such as take-home bean bags and label printers create opportunities for new revenue streams for cafes and restaurants. 

ROASTELIER™ by NESCAFÉ® where ultimate freshness is crafted with passion.

My Coffee Made Simple Adventure with ROASTELIER™ by NESCAFÉ®

Not many people knew that I dreamt of opening my own cafe, I don’t share this much though.  They probably know about my love for coffee and how much coffee I drink.  

During my coffee made simple adventure with ROASTELIER™ by NESCAFÉ®, I had a wonderful experience to get a feel of how coffee roasting can now be simple, accessible, and entirely customisable, and in-house too!

Moreover, the coffee taste and sip pairing of 3 distinct single origins and roasting profiles with light bites gave me a much better understanding, feel and taste of how coffee and food pairing can be done. I have much to learn on the art and craft of coffee pairing with food.

I also have my own coffee roast by ROASTELIER™ by NESCAFÉ®! Through the live demonstrations, we learnt about the art and science behind creating unique coffee blends, witnessing the roasting process in action. 

This was my TGH Photography Ethiopia Light Filter Roast Beans by ROASTELIER™ by NESCAFÉ®, the whole process from preparation, weighing the beans, placement, QR code selection, roasting and packaging, roasted and bagged nicely, was done by my friend Jude, who is also a fellow coffee lover and drinker. Since I had to take the photos for my article, I couldn’t get a hands on. 

If one day, I do open a cafe, a ROASTELIER™ by NESCAFÉ® coffee roasting machine is going to bring a whole new world of holistic coffee experiences, where coffee drinkers can view the art of coffee roasting right in the cafe premises, simple, accessible, and entirely customisable, filled with ultimate coffee freshness that is crafted with passion.

Thank you NESCAFÉ®, for this opportunity to have a hands on coffee tasting, roasting experience  and learning adventures with the ROASTELIER™ by NESCAFÉ®. 

For more information on ROASTELIER™ by NESCAFÉ® 

If you are in the coffee industry, or a cafe owner, and you are looking for cutting-edge technology and equipment for your coffee needs. Do check out their website and social media channels below. 

The ROASTELIER™ by NESCAFÉ®, a cutting-edge technology, a compact in-house coffee roasting solution for your coffee business right in your premises, a machine that you have always wanted on your wish list.    

* A TGH Photography x Canon EOS R6 Mark II Explorer Series Production *

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