Japanese whisky has gained international recognition and fame in recent years. The world of whisky drinkers started to learn and know more about the various whisky brands in Japan. For Japanese whisky drinkers in Singapore, I would like to share with you a Japanese whisky announcement: Launch of Asakura Premium Koji Whisky by Kyushu Spirits in Singapore.

Asakura Premium is their first brand of Koji Whisky by Kyushu Spirits. They are determined to keep the traditional distillation methods used in Japan’s southernmost island alive, by working with a consortium of local families to create ground-breaking hybrid spirits, crafted through a combination of traditional Japanese fermentation and Western ageing techniques. 

To understand more about Asakura Premium, let’s go into the history and heart of Kyushu. For centuries, the people of Kyushu have been accustomed to drinking shochu. This is an integral part of the island’s history, Kyushu Spirits is inspired by this aspect, they work with distilleries to combine wood ageing with the koji fermentation process pioneered by their ancestors to create whiskies that are truly unique in balance and flavour. 

The use of koji in the standard malting process gives the whiskies a rich aroma and a characteristic flavour. Kyushu Spirits whisky makers use only locally sourced grains such as barley, buckwheat and rice. Those locally sourced grains come from where has long been considered some of the best farmland in Japan, thanks to Kyushu volcanic soil that is rich in minerals. 

Asakura Premium is the first product in the Kyushu Spirits range. They are created in a single distillery, distilled from 100% local Japanese barley (mugi) and matured in oak sherry casks, which combined with traditional koji fermentation endows a distinctively smooth taste and texture unique to Asakura Premium. 

Asakura Premium Tasting Notes

Asakura Premium radiates a deep golden hue, reminiscent of the fields of their origin. Scents of honey, vanilla and coconut from the oak cask, combined with a hint of soft white florals, lure the nose. On the palate, notes of honey work with hints of buttery brown sugar and cinnamon with a touch of yuzu zest. 

Vikramm Chand, Founder and Managing Director of Kyushu Spirits, said, “having grown up in Japan, I became very interested in the variety of spirits being crafted locally, and was very surprised to learn about the different sources of artisanal brewers that exist throughout the country. Through Kyushu Spirits, we hope to continue working with local distilling families on the island to introduce these intriguing hybrid whiskies to the rest of the world.” 

Personally for me, I am constantly exploring and tasting the whole wide world of whisky, from single malt, pure malt, blended, grain whisky. For Japanese whisky, I am still exploring, tasting and learning more about this market. When I do get a chance to taste Asakura Premium, I would share more of my tasting and food pairing adventures!

Local pricing and availability 

Asakura Premium is available to purchase online through Cellarbration and retails at SGD198 for a 500ml bottle. 

Asakura Premium is currently served at the likes of Sake Labo, The Cooperage, The American Club, and Matsuya Dining in Singapore.

For more information on Kyushu Spirits and Asakura Premium

Kyushu Spirits: https://www.kyushuspirits.com/en/ 

Asakura Premium: https://www.kyushuspirits.com/en/#Asakura-Premium-is 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/asakurapremium/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AsakuraPremium 

Hashtag: #AsakuraPremium 

* Information and pictures courtesy of Kyushu Spirits and VIM & VIGOUR PR *

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