Our friendship stories began 2+ decades back, when we were JC classmates. While we all took different routes in our careers and personal life, we didn’t catch up as much and slowly lost touch as our individual careers took a lot of time away along with two classmates having children. When the message came for an old JC classmates catch up, it was a go ahead, arranging, liaising and gathering the four of us back together for a long long awaited gathering and catch up, at this new eating place tucked in the Western part of Singapore, Love Wheels Café & Bistro.

Finally, the four of us met again! There were definitely lots of catch up, for one of my classmate, let’s call her SML (there’s the nick/code word for her during our JC days), I think I last met her 10 years ago (or longer than that?) For AL, who’s the organiser and coordinator for this gathering, I think I last met her during her 2nd son’s baby shower, probably 6 years back?  For JK, it could be probably longer than 10 years back since we last met!

When we looked at the menu, there were a wide variety of cuisines for us to select from, thanks to the staff at Love Wheels Café & Bistro for their recommendations, we decided on the following selections!

Iced Thai Milk Tea

One of my favourite beverages is Iced Thai Milk Tea, I would usually have it when it is available at the food places that I visit! The Iced Thai Milk Tea is special, they have Iced Thai Milk Tea ice cream together inside this drink! This beverage is authentic and really good, just as good as the ones that I had when I visited Thailand!

Berry-licious Smoothie

A healthy smoothie packed with fruits, there are fresh apple juice, strawberries, blueberries and ice cream inside this smoothie, definitely refreshing and it’s the owner’s favourite drink too!

Signature Soft Shell Crab Aglio Olio

This deep fried soft shell crab on the Aglio Olio has salted egg yolk sauce! If you are a fan of soft shell crab and salted egg yolk, this would get your attention if you are looking at their list of pasta dishes.

Chicken Karaage with Curry Sauce

This dish would make an excellent side dish, highly recommended! Japanese chicken karaage served with their own curry sauce through their reversed engineered “trademark”! If you are a fan of McDonald’s curry sauce, they managed to do it and it is even better (in my personal humble opinion)! Curry sauce with chicken karaage is an excellent combo, don’t miss it!

Love Wheels Signature Poke Bowl

This would make an excellent choice for your mains especially for individual orders. It’s steamed Japanese rice served with marinated sahimi salmon, tamago and edamame, garnished with shredded seaweed, julienne vegetables and tobiko. They don’t call this their signature dish for nothing, Excellent quality and freshness of ingredients, once you tasted them and had your first bite, you would know why it’s their signature dish, really delicious and value for money in my personal humble opinion.

Grandma’s Chicken Cutlet

When this chicken cutlet dish came to our table, it looked different. After a close observation, I realised that they choose to do their breaded batter differently from other food places that choose the thick breaded batter method that most people might be more familiar with. As they said in their menu, it’s “Home style” marinated chicken cutlet!

BBQ Pork Ribs

For food lovers who love ribs and smokey BBQ sauce, their BBQ Pork Ribs is going to get your attention! It’s tender baby back ribs with a nice big spread of their homemade smokey BBQ sauce! From the excellent quality, freshness of ingredients, homemade smokey BBQ sauce that brings this dish to another level, all put together by their excellent cooking and baking skills, the Love Wheels Café & Bistro BBQ Pork Ribs is a meat lovers dream dish! Ideal for the meat lovers who want it all for themselves or a dish that is awesome for sharing among your group of friends, just like it did for us old classmates during our gathering!

Belgian Waffle with Ice Cream

Buttery waffle served with your choice of ice cream and fresh fruits, with chocolate drizzle toppings. This would make a nice dessert to end your food feasting at Love Wheels Café & Bistro, great for sharing with the folks that goes there together with you, just like us old classmates sharing a nice dessert together and continue reminiscing our good old JC school days.

Love and Passion for Food

Love Wheels, these two words describe the owner’s love and passion for food and hot wheels (motor racing). From the various selection of food that we all had during our very long awaited gathering, we were able to taste and enjoy the love, passion and excellent cooking skills behind the food at Love Wheels Café & Bistro. Moreover, they are a family and kids friendly café & bistro, ideal for families to bring their children and have a meal there.

Using only quality ingredients, not compromising on quality and standards, cooking up amazing delicious and big cuisine portions at a reasonable price, this is something commendable and noteworthy in Singapore’s F&B scene today.

A nice and cosy Café & Bistro, just nice for us old JC classmates to meet up over delicious food, chat and catch up on old times and current updates even though we have Facebook to stalk each other.

As a motorsports fan myself, the racing theme concept suits me nicely! I didn’t take many photos of the interior and motorsports decorations on the walls as I was busy eating and catching up with my old friends! No worries, you can visit their Facebook Page and check it out!

The three of us old classmates would like to thank our classmate AL for arranging this long awaited classmates small group gathering, introducing us to Love Wheels Café & Bistro owned by her brother and treating us to a wonderful meal.

Love Wheels Café Information

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/lovewheelscafe/

Address: 21 Lorong Kilat, sun court #01-03, Singapore 598123

Opening Hours: 1100hrs to 2300hrs

Short walking distance from Beauty World Downtown Line (DTL) Station – approximately 350m based on Google Maps

Public Car Park available near Beauty World DTL Station, junction of Chun Tin Road and Jalan Seh Chuan .

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