Founder’s Day Celebrations 22nd February is our Scouting movement Founder’s Day. On this day, we would remember how our Scouting movement was born in 1907, evolved and arrived in our modern society today. Over 100 years and with the great magnitude of revolutionary changes in technology, societies and economies, theContinue Reading

Chinese Lunar New Year 2007 For this Lunar New Year, it was not so much action packed like before, hope they are not signs of getting older for me. On the eve itself, I was with my colleagues watching the fireworks in our office building. After that, went back inContinue Reading

It had been a few weeks since I came back from my Shanghai trip. This holiday was a very much needed personal holiday, no words can describe how much I needed it. Neither would the reasons behind it be written down here. Travelling to China and witnessing its growth, itContinue Reading

It’s time to return home ……. Woke up in the morning, started packing up my luggage after my shower, squeezing in gifts from friends in China, food and fruits into my luggage. Had my hearty big breakfast and walked around, taking photos of my surroundings, taking down memories of myContinue Reading

Shanghai Old Town ~ Temple of the Town Gods Today was not a day of many planned different visits. It was more of a relaxing day without much rushing around. In the morning, I was strolling my way around the office and factory area, playing with the dog in theContinue Reading

Jin Mao Tower – Pudong District The Pudong and Puxi Districts in the heart of Shanghai, along with the Bund, displayed the might and beauty of Shanghai. These areas are a must for every traveller to visit and feel the beauty, culture, history and development of Shanghai. We had dinnerContinue Reading