It was a busy month in August as you can read from my postings. I would be writing up on a birthday gathering and to announce another new professional telephoto zoom lense to my arsenal of camera lense and accessories on my blog pretty soon. There was a posting thatContinue Reading

Month of August 2006 was a great month for me in my field of photojournalism, probably still some way to go before I developed my distinct and personalised style of photo taking and journal writing. I got the opportunities to take photos for fireworks, Dragon Chapter and Dragon Scout GroupContinue Reading

Another BFC organised outing again ! This time round, it was organised by Isaac (aka Massagi) who took a lot of efforts, arranging for the football, BBQ food and pit. Well, he took a bit of his own sweeet time coordinating for the outing but being Massagi, that’s him !Continue Reading

Dragon Scout Group Day 2006 The event more commonly known as DSG day, this eventful day was very special to me, evoking many many memories back to the days when I was a Boy Scout with the Dragon Scout Group (1990 to 1993). It was usually a football competition betweenContinue Reading

I was asked by my friends to join in the “Take The City Walk”, a charity walkathon, on 29th July 2006 organised by TOUCH Community Services. TOUCH Community Services is a not-for-profit voluntary welfare organisation and they aid people from all races and religions. Further details on the TOUCH CommunityContinue Reading

G’day folks, Big thanks to all who reads and views my photojournalism site. I am happily writing on my photography activities, events and gatherings. This work-in-progress is still in the infant stage before it can reach the desired style and format that I based for my blog. “A journey ofContinue Reading

Date: 28 July 2006 Venue: Eating venue known as Simapang Bedok It’s been a while since we went out for our regular supper outings with live football matches to watch. We would probably be doing it again once the EPL new season kicks off in a few weeks time. ThisContinue Reading