It’s back, another Dragon Chapter Activity ! We, the Dragon Chapter went bowling for our leisure and get together activity. This session was held at Kim Seng Plaza and we had more members joining the activities that committee is organising. Weiliang & Hongliang Panther vs Lion For a start, everybodyContinue Reading

Gotheborg An ancient replica sailing ship from the 16th century, from Sweden, plying the lucrative sailing and trading routes to Asia, reviving the history. This ship was manned by volunteers and they had been sailing around the world for a while, promoting exchange of knowledge between countries and fostering worldContinue Reading

Night Sceneries from Marina South Park Singapore CBD Skyline Suntec City and Marina Square Skyline w/ Benjamin Sheares Bridge Kallang Basin w / Benjamin Sheares Bridge Singapore does have its charms of night sceneries !!!Continue Reading

24th December, Christmas Eve 2006 It was a day of rest and recovery for me. I spent 3/4 of the day lazing at home, recharging my batteries, really drained out from working and working and working. Anyway, my old friend Jinguang, with his partner, Huibing, invited me to their holidayContinue Reading