Hi folks, I have uploaded my 4th set of Dragon Chapter photographs. This was the event in August 2006 when we had a bowling session at Mount Faber Safra. Please do drop by at my previous posting Dragon Chapter 1st Social Activity & take peek! At this moment in time,Continue Reading

Dear readers, Thanks for dropping in to read my writings and view my photographs ! I have uploaded my Dragon Chapter photos for the following events (1) Dragon Scout Group Campfire 2006 Campfire 2006 (2) Dragon Scout Group and Chapter Mid Autumn Festival Celebrations @ GESSOSA Chapter Celebrates Mid AutumnContinue Reading

A night of photoshoot using my telephoto 70-200mm F4 L USM lense and my wide angle 17-40 F4 L USM lense, doing a walkabout around Gateway West and Parkview Square. It also served as a form of therapy from the anger, frustrations, stress, fatigue etc etc and bringing myself backContinue Reading

The Sigma Flash was a new addition to my photography arsenal. I would like to thank my Dad for helping to contribute with the recent aquisitions of photography hardware. It was a really good flash for my EOS 300D and a great value for money third party camera accessories. IContinue Reading

I presently added an awesome Canon EF 70-200mm F4 L USM to my lenses arsenal. It was a wonderful lense to have and I encourage people to own it if they have the opportunity and needs the zoom range. First and foremost, I would upload a few photos to showContinue Reading

Life till date was very hectic and full of ups and downs. I am honoured to be involved with different photoshoot opportunities that allows me to present myself as a photojournalist. Looking ahead, there could be more projects coming up and there were a lot more photography activities than thoseContinue Reading