The use of reflections from a mirror is something we do everyday, when we wake up and get ourselves ready and looking fresh for work or outing, by looking at ourselves in the mirror. In photography, we might be too engrossed in taking pictures of the whole events/people, thus weContinue Reading

During my weekend retreat at my Grandma’s 90th Birthday celebrations, I did not visit my relatives regularly and I am guilty of not knowing who my nieces and nephews are, quite a handful of them, some of them were in their teenage years already. Well, also indirectly telling me thatContinue Reading

My relatives lived in this simple and laid back village. Over the years, it has grown and expanded in size, as well as newer houses replacing the wooden ones. There are still many things in their original status, preserving a significant part of the history of this village. Coming fromContinue Reading

The Esplanade was an integral part of the Singapore Arts Festival 2007 and there were many different outstanding performances, plays and artistic displays from different countries. I went on the 23rd June and watched a breathtaking display of fire burning, throwing and dancing. This is known as Bornfire 2007 andContinue Reading

My old friend, Zhigang, a fellow Dragon Scout old boy (same cohort), is a very passionate zoologist/biologist/photographer/nature lover in the field of snakes research in Singapore. He had recently went on Air with Radio Station 938Live (93.8 FM) The Living Room on 5th June 2007 and shared about his passionContinue Reading

Survival Training is a specialised skill that is usually taught in the armed forces especially in vocations like Special Forces or Recon. In Dragon Scout Group, we learned some basic Survival Training and they were taught during the Venture Scouts training program. During this camp, the Ventures built and demonstratedContinue Reading