Our Hawaiian friends had lots of fun prior to their new, unique and eye opening eating experience of steamboat buffet at Marina South. They were at Sentosa Chalet a few days earlier and they moved to Sarimbun Camp to have their dinner and to catch the National Day Parade 2007Continue Reading

Hawaiian Scout Troop 42 visit (exchange program) to Singapore with Gan Eng Seng Dragon Scout Group My relationship with the Hawaiian Scouts dated back around 1993. I remembered an American guest, Scout Master Sterling, with his Singaporean friend, visiting Gan Eng Seng School in Raeburn Park, near Spottiswoode Park. HeContinue Reading

I went for a steamboat buffet dinner with my Dragon Scout Group and our overseas guests, Hawaiian Scout Troop 42, who were here on an exchange visit and together celebrating our 85th Anniversary Celebrations. Do keep a lookout, I would be writing up on my PR/Liason/Helper days with the HawaiianContinue Reading

The Vintage Car Showcase displayed great treasures of great racing cars and it was an eye opener to look at their interiors, dashboard and other details inside the legendary cars themselves. Racing Clutch with Handbrake A Retro Racing Dashboard Retro Speedometer Rear View Mirror on Dasboard An inspiration to beContinue Reading

Smile ! Welcome to Vintage Car Showcase The Singapore Heritage Festival 2007, part of National Day Celebrations 2007, held a vintage car showcase as part of its festival highlights at the National Museum of Singapore on 22nd July 2007. There were many historical vintage cars on display, some were meantContinue Reading

The use of reflections from a mirror is something we do everyday, when we wake up and get ourselves ready and looking fresh for work or outing, by looking at ourselves in the mirror. In photography, we might be too engrossed in taking pictures of the whole events/people, thus weContinue Reading

During my weekend retreat at my Grandma’s 90th Birthday celebrations, I did not visit my relatives regularly and I am guilty of not knowing who my nieces and nephews are, quite a handful of them, some of them were in their teenage years already. Well, also indirectly telling me thatContinue Reading