These lovely cats stay around my neighbourhood that I am living in. The cat love this rockbed One of my favourite neighbourhood cats Cat stretching More photos of the neighbourhood cats can be viewed in my flickr photo site, do click on the link to take a look!Continue Reading

I had recently upgraded my Singtel mobile contract and got myself a new toy, a Crimson Red Palm Treo 680, replacing my Palm Treo 650 that was damaged. Therefore, I took the opportunity to do a produt photo shoot on my pda phone without any extra lighting setup, instead justContinue Reading

The Singapore Fireworks Festival 2007 was part of the month long National Day 2007 celebrations and it was an event that many Singaporeans look foward to every year. Initially, I wasn’t able to obtain the ticket to the Marina Bay Floating Gallery and planned to set up my equipment alongContinue Reading

First and foremost, I would like to take this opportunity to dedicate this special posting to my 85th Anniversary Dinner Commitee members. They comprised of Kevin Kung, SreeGanesh, Alex and Aixia. During December 2006, I was invited by my Dragon Chapter Ex-Co Chairman, Thye San, to represent the Dragon ChapterContinue Reading

National Day 2007 @ Marina Bay will definitely be remembered by many Singaporeans as a special year of celebrations in its 42 years of history. Our NDP was celebrated at the Marina Bay for the first time and there was a floating platform for the parade and performances, besides that,Continue Reading

On 9th August 2007, it was Singapore’s National Day Parade and celebrations. I was there with my colleague and her friends to watch the National Day Parade from the Esplanade. When I arrived, there were already a huge crowd of people waiting to watch the Parade. There was something inContinue Reading