I was invited to my friend’s wedding lunch at the Marriott Hotel Singapore. It wasn’t my first wedding lunch therefore not too much of a suprise or culture shock for me. We had 2 tables of our colleagues that knew Ah Lye. A great mate, very dedicated and helpful –Continue Reading

The sea was dark in the shadows of the park, yet it evoked an aura of calm and tranquility. This area gave me an avenue to be with myself, exercise, relax and clear my thoughts and emotions in my work and life, thus allowing me to do a series ofContinue Reading

There were a few methods to light up the event (and lanterns) during Mid Autumn Lantern Festival, that I encountered during my tour of West Coast Park. Multiple Birthday Cake Candles Cluster of wax Fireworks sticks with dry leaves A fire is an excellent tool/help to us yet it canContinue Reading

Folks, Have you heard of this great person, Dr William Tan ? He is a remarkable person with outstanding credentials, qualifications, achievements and Superhuman breakthroughs. No simple words nor fanciful adjectives would be sufficient to describe Dr William Tan, he is simply too outstanding. I was honoured to be involvedContinue Reading

I have lived in the West area of Singapore for 30 years and there are many shipyards that can be seen from the West Coast Park promenade. The shipyards haven’t changed much but West Coast Park, the nearby surroundings and the beach had changed significantly. Showing different views of WestContinue Reading

中秋节 25th September 2007    The night was brightly lighted up with a full moon in the dark sky, 25th September is 2007 Mid Autumn Festival. It was a time whereby there would be many different lanterns and mooncakes available for all to enjoy. Mid Autumn Festival celebrations have changedContinue Reading

Dear readers (esp Dragon Scout Group)  I have uploaded the photos into the Dragon Scout Gallery for the 85th Anniversary Campfire and Dinner and Hawaiian Scout Troop 42 visit: The links are summarised below for an easy and quick reference to the mega events (1) DSG 85th Anniversary Campfire http://www.dragonscouts.com/v/groupcampfires/85th+Campfire+2007/Continue Reading

The rotor blade stands proud in the sky The Army Open House 2007 was held at Pasir Laba Camp and it was a great festival of live demonstrations, military display and fun activities. I was keen to take a look at the Army Open House, admiring the new weapons andContinue Reading

These lovely cats stay around my neighbourhood that I am living in. The cat love this rockbed One of my favourite neighbourhood cats Cat stretching More photos of the neighbourhood cats can be viewed in my flickr photo site, do click on the link to take a look!Continue Reading

I had recently upgraded my Singtel mobile contract and got myself a new toy, a Crimson Red Palm Treo 680, replacing my Palm Treo 650 that was damaged. Therefore, I took the opportunity to do a produt photo shoot on my pda phone without any extra lighting setup, instead justContinue Reading