Saturday 10th February 2024, let’s welcome the Year of the Dragon! First and foremost, wishing all a Happy Chinese Lunar New Year 2024! To my followers and readers of my TGH Photography and Travel portal/blog, thank you for your support for my of my photography, travel, arts, creative, heritage, history and culture news coverage and writing.

Working on securing photography business deals for TGH Photography, creating visual stories / content creation for TGH Photography and Travel portal/blog. The month of January 2024 and first week of February 2024 were kind of hectic and busy as I was also working to get my writing and content creation up some gears and pace, clearing backlogs and working on key interest topics for Year 2024 for my TGH Technology and Business portal/blog.

I want to start off Year 2024 on the right note and on a good foundation. A different set of uncertainties and challenges are looming ahead in 2024, along with geo-political risks, the route ahead might be rocky and challenging, yet it might bring some opportunities too. 

However during the past few weeks, there were also other matters that brought me back down to reality, on the topics of family ties and close friends around us. I just want to say family and health comes first. Whatever judgements, noise and arguments taking place on social media or against you, we have to block them out, let it go and carry on with life, on what really matters to us, beyond capitalism, status, wealth, saving face and narcissism. 

For this Chinese Lunar New Year 2024, enjoy your Lunar New Year festivities, gatherings and eating, a long weekend holiday, a short travel holiday away, or visiting family and relatives back in your home country. Have a good festive break before we return to the daily grind action. 

Wishing all a Happy Chinese Lunar New Year 2024, wishing you good health, abundance in prosperity, wealth and relationships with family, relatives and friends. Have a good long weekend, catching up with family, relatives and friends, feasting and eating Chinese New Year goodies and snacks. 


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