Canon recently announced two new instant camera printers to their lineup, the iNSPiC [C] and iNSPiC [S]. They are the first instant camera printers and together with the Canon Mini Photo Printer that I shared and published in November 2018, they have a fresh new logo and an exciting rebranding for this range. The rebranded iNSPiC range of camera products comes from the words “Inspiring Pictures”, inspiring you to have fun with photography, take photographs, print them out, share it with your family, relatives and friends or as small priceless photo gifts for memories sake, beyond just looking them at your smartphone or computer.

The Canon Mini Photo Printer brought me back to having fun photography adventures again, allowing me to create photography stories and adventures that are currently still in the works. Through my “Follow me on my Canon Mini Photo Prints Adventures!“, I hope to encourage printing photographs again, starting from mini photo sizes, as memories sake for your family, relatives and friends or gifts for for other people. While I am in the process of producing my maiden photography zine with Canon Mini Photo Prints, I would be doing an update to my Follow me on my Canon Mini Photo Prints Adventures story, it’s time to introduce my Canon EOS RP Explorer Stories with the iNSPiC series, along with my flagship Canon EOS 1DX Mark II.

I had the opportunity to test out the iNSPiC [S] instant camera printer during a recent Canon event in Singapore, it was fun to play with, taking photographs, instantly printing them on the spot. The iNSPiC [S] or iNSPiC [C] would be ideal for family with children, let the children start photography from young, let them enjoy photography and print out their own creative works. With the Canon Mini Photo prints from the iNSPiC [S] or [C] instant print cameras, another great family bonding time can be enjoyed together, journaling and decorating with the Canon Mini Photo Prints! Moreover, the instant print cameras can also be brought out to parties, events, gatherings or even traveling for holidays!

Let me share with you more information and details on the iNSPiC [C] and iNSPiC [S] instant camera printers by Canon:

Canon announced the first instant camera printer, available in two new models, for its Mini Photo Printer lineup which includes a fresh logo and an exciting rebranding for the range. The rebranded iNSPiC line stems from the words ‘inspiring pictures’, precisely encapsulating the intentions of the new additions. The iNSPiC [C] and iNSPiC [S] series arrive to the party as pocket-sized instant camera printers that combine image capturing capabilities with the instant gratification of compact mini printers. 

“The iNSPiC [C] and [S] capture precious moments that enable users to share as printouts immediately with loved ones. From young to old, the new additions offer the exciting benefit of instantly capturing a moment, which appeals to everyone who appreciates spontaneous fun on the go,” said Edwin Teoh, Head of Marketing, Singapore Operations, Canon Singapore. “The iNSPiC was carefully designed to be stylish and lightweight, the perfect must-have for parties and gatherings to bring back the joy of instant sharing and living in the present.” 

iNSPiC [S] ZV-123A 

Available in three colours – Pearl White, Matte Black and Rose Gold -, this classy instant camera printer is perfect for slipping into clutch bags or pockets for a day of fun out in the sun, or a relaxing evening with friends. The ultra-slim profile packs in a powerful 8- megapixel fixed focus camera, so you can shoot and print instantly from just one device without the need to perform a juggling act with a separate camera and printer. 

The added crowd-pleaser comes in the form of a built-in LED ring light that circles the camera lens and activates a powerful fill light for beautiful portrait shots. This makes it easier to capture moments at night, with ever-ready perfect lighting on the go. The ring light paired with the selfie mirror dome, makes the iNSPiC [S] the ideal partner for stunning selfies. 

Users can also connect the device to smartphones using the Canon Mini Print mobile app to print photos stored on smartphones or photo albums on social networking accounts. A quick reprint button makes it easy to get multiple reprints off the instant camera printer, while the app also receives a useful update to include a virtual shutter button for remote shooting, and with even more stickers for decorating photos before print. 

The iNSPiC [S] also comes with a Micro SD slot that supports card capacities of up to 256GB, so holidaymakers can choose to save all their treasured moments onto a laptop back at home. 

iNSPiC [C] CV-123A 

The iNSPiC [C] series comes in a palette of pop colour options such as Bubble Gum Pink, Bumble Bee Yellow and Seaside Blue, making a bold fashion statement at gatherings with friends and family, or simply just to stand out in the crowd! A built-in 5-megapixel camera and a small selfie mirror next to the camera lens makes selfie-shooting easy even in group settings, while a one-touch reprint button ensures no one leaves the party without receiving a printout of that precious moment. 

Printing Technology and Media 

The Canon instant camera printer harnesses ZINK Zero Ink™ Technology from ZINK™, a revolutionary dry-printing technology that enables printing in colour without the use of ink cartridges. It delivers 2×3-inch glossy photo prints that are smudge-proof and scratch-resistant, with a peel-and-stick reverse side that adheres effortlessly to the back of smartphones, laptops, tabletops, wall mirrors, or just about any smooth surface. 

Canon Mini Print Mobile App 

The Canon Mini Print app turns ordinary users into expert creators thanks to a vast library of photo-editing functions, creative filters, frames, stamps and text styles. These simple tools can be applied to photos snapped using the in-app camera integration, or on images downloaded from photo albums stored on cloud services such Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive and Dropbox. Special features include augmented face distortion and the option to draw on photos before printing. 

For occasions where 2×3-inch images will simply not do, the app also offers collage printing of up to four images, or a tile print function that creates an enlarged print made up of four or nine prints. 

Remote shooting is also made possible through the app. Simply connect to the iNSPiC [S] and you’ll even be able to set your desired timer option or opt for instant print through a click on your app. 

Special Collaboration with Craftholic 

With every purchase of any iNSPiC [C] and [S], you will be entitled to a special bundle of Craftholic premiums, which includes a limited edition pouch, lanyard and keychain plushie worth $59. Redemptions are available from 8 July at the Canon Customer Care Centre. 

Pricing and Availability 

The iNSPiC [C] and iNSPiC [S] will be available at all authorised Canon dealers at the following recommended retail price from 17 June. 

Name  Model Number  Retail Price 
iNSPiC [C]  CV-123A  $159 
iNSPiC [S]  ZV-123A  $219 

Key Features 

iNSPiC [C] iNSPiC [S]
Product Dimensions (LxDxH) Approx. 121 x 78.3 x 23.8mm Approx 121 x 80.3 x 21.5mm
Connectivity N/A Bluetooth 4.0 & Canon Mini Print App
Print Resolution 314 x 500 dpi 313 x 600 dpi
Photo Resolution 5MP 8MP
Fill light No Yes
Print Speed Up to 50 seconds
Charging Time Up to 90 minutes
Memory Card Compatibility MicroSD card up to 256GB


* Information courtesy of Canon Singapore and Ogilvy *

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