OPPO, the leading global smart device brand, will be holding their first ever photography exhibition at the ArtScience Museum in Singapore. The exhibition titled, “Painting With Light” will be open to members of the public until 16th May 2021 and it’s part of OPPO’s #AwakenColour campaign, in line with the launch of its latest premium flagship smartphone, the OPPO Find X3 Pro.


I previously covered OPPO smartphones R9, R9S and R11, R11s and R11s Plus on my TGH Technology and Business portal/blog and reviewed the smartphone camera R11, here on my TGH Photography and Travel portal/blog. When I visited the “Painting With Light” photography exhibition by OPPO, I checked out the photography works by the local photographers who had their works featured and I was impressed by the quality coming out from a smartphone camera.

“Painting With Light” showcases photography works shot using the 10-bit colour depth of the Find X3 Pro by four talented lens-based local photographers Wilfred Lim (@__wilfredlim), Venus Oh (@venusproblematics), Kimberly Kiong (@hiimkiim) and Adele Chan (@adelechan), the exhibition seeks to encourage photography enthusiasts to discover the colour palettes of our city, as well as invite them to pay attention to their surroundings through images that encapsulate the familiarity of everyday scenes, places and objects.


Visual feast for the eyes at the ‘Painting With Light’ exhibition

Titled Garden City’, this series of images by Wilfred Lim is a visual exploration of wild plants found by the artist throughout the neighbourhoods of Singapore. Shot entirely in his makeshift studio, Wilfred employs saturated colours to give these unnoticed plants a sublime beauty.

‘Lumina’, the series of intimate portraits and moving images by Venus Oh, reveals the different facades of Singapore at night. Beyond this, it also provides a window into the subjects’ state of mind, inviting viewers to look more closely into their lives and immediate surroundings.

‘Gleamings’, the name given to Kimberly Kiong’s series of images, is a multi-layered visual log of people tending to the objects they value and care for. The images – soft, hazy, and dream-like, carry with them deeply personal anecdotes and prompt viewers to reflect on the objects, and people, they hold dear.

Lastly, ‘Food for Thought’ by Adele Chan, provides a visual appreciation of popular food items and ingredients that commonly make their way to the dining table. Thanks to the 60 times magnification of the microlens of the Find X3 Pro, Adele was able to unveil colours and details hidden from the naked eye. These images create imaginary tales in the macro realm, inviting viewers to look closer at what they eat.

According to Mr Dylan Yu, Marketing Director, OPPO Singapore, “It’s a great honour to be collaborating with Wilfred, Venus, Kimberly and Adele for our ‘Painting With Light Exhibition. OPPO has always stayed true to our commitment of supporting local creatives – right from our Reno series till our Find series now, for the OPPO Find X3 Pro.

“These photographers have put in so much thought and creativity into their images, with each one of them holding a story that visitors will get to find out more about at the exhibition. We’re excited to be sharing these images with the larger community in Singapore and more importantly, to also share with the public our Find X3 Pro’s camera prowess and how the images shot using the smartphone will awaken their senses to a wider range of colours.”

Involvement of the community in exploring the palettes of Singapore

Beyond the works of the photographers, the ‘Painting with Light’ exhibition will also feature works from the community.

Earlier this month, OPPO allowed the public to sign up for an opportunity to trial the OPPO Find X3 Pro, and join OPPO and the local photographers in discovering the unique colours of our city. Out of these sign-ups, a total of 35 were chosen for the consumer trial, lasting two weeks. All participants were required to share the images they captured using the Find X3 Pro on their social media platforms. Following which, on 5 April, the ultimate winner, Steven Sung Hong Meng (@photographyholic), was announced, and he walked away with an OPPO Find X3 Pro.

Images from Steven, along with a few more by other participants specially identified, will also be displayed digitally at the photography exhibition at ArtScience Museum.

If you like to visit “Painting With Light” photography exhibition, you can visit the exhibition website, here and book a time slot to visit this exhibition. Admission is free of charge.

For more information about OPPO Find X3 Pro, please visit https://www.oppo.com/en/smartphones/series-find-x/find-x3-pro/

* Information and pictures courtesy of OPPO and Baldwin Boyle Group *

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