Today is 4th October 2018, 4 days into the final fourth quarter of year 2018, a time to take stock for my photography Q4 2018 push, updates and reflection.

My sole propriertorship photography business, like any other business has its ups and downs over the past three quarters of 2018. Although it is still a relatively new business, in its second year, I am not new to photography assignments and shoots since I started freelancing around 10 years ++ back. All the various photography experiences help in many ways, both big and small, in running my sole proprietorship photography business today. It has grown and improved as compared to the founding year 2017, while the percentage growth looks decent, the total quantum growth is still a far climb away from a monthly salaried employee.

Running this purely as a photography business is and will never be enough. We can see this happening even to some of the established and experienced photographers, who have diversified their interests to other areas of photography or even non-photography areas.

My social media, writing and social media side of things complement my photography business perfectly, to the mass market consumers in the society, they only see it as “bloggers”. From my perspective and operations, it’s my digital marketing, publicity and awareness division, just that it’s a one person operation at the moment. Everything needs time to build up and I can slowly see a little of bit of success and breakthrough. Hopefully during the fourth quarter, I would be able to share some news and updates.

Building up partnerships and collaborations have always been on my cards, I have a few collaborations and partnerships, I am in the midst of building another collaboration and partnership while searching for more. In the business world, it’s all about relationships, networks and knowing people.

Over the years, I had my fair share of nemesis, criticism, judgemental, people who think they know everything when they know nothing and last but not least people who look down on me, from fellow people in the photography industry to non related industries. They will always be around and the best way to keep myself sane is to isolate and avoid them from my life, on both professional and personal life.

My most recent photography projects were on the following genres/themes, food pairing with whisky, chef in action with their knives, portaiture shoots, going to embark on whisky with a view theme shoot. There is a purpose with strategic plans behind all these personal photography projects. I can only say, “Stay tuned!”

This is the fourth and final quarter of 2018, to all those striving for your goals and objectives, let’s all work hard in our final sprint towards the end of year 2018 before starting on a fresh new year 2019.

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