Year 2021 has been a mixed year, a very difficult year accompanied by many emotional and mental roller coasters of ups and downs. How would you like to remember 2021 from both positive and negative experiences? Have you captured down any memories that made a difference to you in this year 2021? Despite all of its challenges that were thrown at you in this year 2021, has year 2021 provided some reasons for you to celebrate? As a professional photographer myself, as well as a technology writer, I have my fair share of ups and downs during this turbulent year 2021 that have been documented on my photography and travel portal/blog and my technology and business portal/blog.

No matter how difficult and tough it has been for you in Year 2021, let’s round up this year on a good and upbeat note. Lenovo, together with AMD and Microsoft, has launched a photography contest in Asia Pacific, calling on all photographers – amateur, avid, hobbyist or professional – to showcase their creativity and originality. Entitled “See the Big Picture“, this campaign encourages everyone to celebrate the positive moments in an otherwise difficult year.

See The Big Picture Photography Contest

Starting from 17th December 2021 to 20th February 2022, contestants in Singapore are invited to submit original photographs that represent these positive moments. Winners stand a chance to win prizes including a cash prize of up to US$5000, one of Lenovo’s premium line of laptops such as the Yoga Slim 7 Carbon OLED, and subscriptions to the Adobe Creative Cloud photography plan. 

If you like to participate in the See the Big Picture photography contest, you must submit your photographs via the campaign microsite.

  • in square, portrait, or landscape format,
  • with a maximum file size of 20MB
  • along with a photo title and short synopsis explaining the thinking behind the photo

Submissions will be judged based on their creativity, originality, and composition. For more information and details on submission guidelines, please visit 

To all fellow photographers, do share this See the Big Picture photography contest with your fellow photographer friends whether they are amateur, avid, serious hobbyist or professional, let’s all bring our photography, creativity, thoughts, words and feelings to life in our photographs to See the Big Picture ahead of us, as the world is working towards a return back to a more normal life as well as hybrid future of work and living in a post COVID19 pandemic world.

* Information and picture courtesy of Lenovo and WE Communications *

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