World Wildlife Day 2024 – 3rd March 2024

World Wildlife Day 2024 is celebrated on Sunday 3rd March 2024. The theme for this year’s United Nations World Wildlife Day (WWD) 2024 is “Connecting People and Planet: Exploring Digital Innovation in Wildlife Conservation”. WWD celebrates wildlife and plants, their roles and contributions to the human race and planet Earth.

I am playing my small part for WWD 2024 through my visual storytelling with Canon EOS R series camera, for this year’s series, they were shot with my Canon EOS R6 Mark II of my wildlife and nature/outdoors photography in Singapore, part of my TGH Explorer Series Production, largely inspired and influenced by National Geographic magazine publications when I started reading them in the late 80s to early 90s. 

How does digital innovation and technology plays a role in my WWD 2024? While I am not in the fields of wildlife research and conservation, I contributed via my photographs and documentations of various wildlife spotted and documented at different locations in Singapore in the nature areas as well as urban environments, bird watching/counting. Although I am probably more focused on bird photography and green nature spaces, I am going to document/photograph more of different types of wildlife beyond birds.

Here are some of my wildlife photography in Singapore that I captured with my Canon EOS R6 Mark II camera from mid 2023 till date. 

Here are my ongoing documentation and collection of my visual storytelling on wildlife photography and nature reserves/parks in Singapore, uploaded into my Flickr collections over the years with my different Canon cameras that I owned/tested.

Even though you might not be in the fields of wildlife and/or nature research/conservation, we can still play our small part in wildlife and nature conservation, with the help of cameras and digital innovation. I am continuing to play my small part on nature and wildlife photography/documentation in Singapore, and hopefully nearby regions as I am exploring and writing on the areas of sustainability, adding on to my nature and wildlife conservation. 

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