On Boxing Day, 26th December 2019, Singapore witnessed an annular solar eclipse and I was glad to be there, witnessing and photographing this eclipse that took place above the Singapore skyline!

Together with fellow photographer Isaac Ong, we headed down to Labrador Park to witness and photograph this annular solar eclipse in Singapore. The partial eclipse began at 1127hrs local Singapore time, followed by the full eclipse beginning at 1322hrs, maximum eclipse at 1323hrs and ending at 1324hrs. The partial eclipse ended at 1518hrs, however, we didn’t stay till the end of the partial eclipse.

This was my first time photographing an eclipse, I learnt new photography knowledge today on the settings and the suitable lenses, thanks to Isaac for sharing his telephoto zoom lens, allowing me to capture some wonderful moments of this annular solar eclipse in Singapore on Boxing Day 2019! Some visitors to Labrador Park who were also there to witness the annular solar eclipse was intrigued by us photographers, look at them crowding around Isaac as he was giving them a short presentation on the annular solar eclipse!

It’s been quite some time since I had my own personal/leisure photography shoot, I was glad to photograph this special annular solar eclipse in Singapore! The brand new year 2020 is starting soon, I hope and I want to set aside personal time each week for my personal/leisure photography, enjoying the fun in photography and inspired to produce more original photography stories and adventures, my TGH Photography x Canon EOS RP Explorer series.

Happy Boxing Day 2019 and stay tuned for more of my photography exploration stories in 2020!    

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