Another year older in January 2023, while this year 2023 wasn’t a milestone number year for my age band and my birthday celebrations have been low key, low profile for the past one decade plus. Yet my January 2023 birthday was something different, this year somehow invoked a number of thoughts, feelings and emotions as compared to previous years, thus resulting in a my Birthday January 2023 Thoughts article post. 

With a turnaround of 4 weeks from Christmas 2022 to New Year (NY) 2023 (1 week later), followed by Chinese New Year (CNY) 2023 (3 weeks later) and my getting older day slotting in between them. It usually gets forgotten. What makes this year 2023 different?


Birthday is a low key and low profile event

As I aged over the decades, birthday for me has become a low key and low profile event. No major celebrations, nothing glamorous or extravagant. I can’t compare to my friends celebrations at fanciful restaurants. 

I am a Capricorn, that also explains I guard my privacy a lot, even though I am active on social media. 

I bought my own 3-in-1 gift and I got gifts too!

If you recalled reading my Christmas 2022 and Birthday 2023 wish list, I rewarded myself with a used Wotancraft Trooper Medium camera messenger bag, why do I call it a 3-in-1 gift? Basically this is a Christmas 2022 + Birthday 2023 + Chinese New Year 2023 gift for myself.

I am also blessed with some small and thoughtful gifts from my friends too, I really appreciate it!

Of gatherings and treats

With my birthday falling in between a busy period of NY 2023 and CNY 2023 whereby people are busy shopping for CNY goods, spring cleaning and getting back to work mode. My birthday gathering is like a mini CNY gathering as well. There was even a gathering that had Christmas 2022 + my birthday 2023 + CNY 2023 feel to it with this group. I am thankful and grateful for the meal treats, I decided not to take photos of the food, as the friendship and presence far outweighs taking photos of the food and sharing on social media. 

There has been a regular birthday cake gift from Gloo PR, an agency that I worked closely with for the past few years, truly grateful for the friendship and working relationship. I was able to share my birthday cake with my family, relatives, cousins and nieces at an early CNY reunion gathering. 

Feeling humbled, touch, and very grateful for the gifts and treats blessings for my birthday January 2023.

Thinking about a few things

At the start of the year, there were some news reported that got me thinking deeply about a few things. Along with my Yearly Themes, that I set for my Yearly Theme 2023 (Photography and Travel) – Explore and Yearly Theme 2023 (Technology | Business | Personal) – Transform, I would like to add something. 

Here are some words and thoughts to remind myself for Year 2023

  • Be kind, grateful, contented, humble and down to earth 
  • Life is too short to be fighting the wrong battles
  • Stay low key and low profile whenever possible
  • Peace and Tranquility (less dramas, avoid dramas)
  • JOMO over FOMO
  • Sustainability 

Another year older in 2023, another year wiser (hopefully). Once again, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for all your well-wishes, treats, gifts and blessings.

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