Cat lovers in Singapore rejoice! Cute cat artworks galore that will not only melt your hearts, they are going to give you an educational tour too! Let Cute Meows teach you Paw-verbs on the Lawn!

Paw-verbs on the Lawn is Malay Heritage Centre latest installation, showcasing common Malay proverbs, highlighting how cats play a role in Malay literacy culture to deliver different forms of human behaviour and providing life long lessons. Paw-verbs on the Lawn is a collaboration between Malay Heritage Centre and Japanese artist Juno.

As a cat lover myself, I definitely have to visit and see for myself those kawaii neko-chan! It’s definitely worth a visit for all cat lovers! Those cat artworks not only depict our daily life, the proverbs written on the boards are educational and meaningful that we can learn from. 

All the cat artworks on display by Japanese artist Juno are so cute and adorable, you would feel that they are real and alive! They are also reflections of our daily life that you can relate to easily! As much as I want to share more kawaii 猫猫 artworks here, I would encourage you to visit Paw-verbs on the Lawn and have a purring meowing learning time at the Malay Heritage Centre! 

Paw-verbs on the Lawn artworks are on display on the lawn of the Malay Heritage Centre at Istana Kampong Gelam from 2nd March 2021 till 30th May 2021. Do share this event with your fellow cat lover friends and come on down for a purr-fect meowing experience of discovery and learning beloved proverb from the kawaii neko-chan on display. 

Check out this talented Japanese artist Juno too!

Have a meow meow kawaii and fun time at Paw-verbs on the Lawn! Let Cute Meows teach you Paw-verbs on the Lawn! 

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