The year 2019 has just started, while some of us are still switching into 1st gear and getting ready to get back to work, I started thinking, planning and strategising during the last 2 weeks of the year 2018, doing a reflection first before compiling and writing down my goals and objectives for year 2019 in the areas of photography and travel (on both personal and professional basis)

I have also wrote about my goals and objectives for year 2019 for my other aspects of my portfolio in the areas of writing, technology, social media and other business interests, do visit and have a read!

With regards to my goals and objectives for year 2019, I have decided not to adopt specific and measureable goals to be written down method. Some goals  and objectives are not bound and determined by figures and monetary value.


Photography business

  • Looking at events photography instant print services when required, the logistics, labour and costing.
  • Fine tuning photography portfolio website
  • Adding more photography works to porfolio website

Seeking Collaborations and Partnerships

Collaboration and partnerships with photographers, film makers, creatives, artists for projects, assignments. I had built up a few collaborations, I am continuing to spread the networks wider and further, you never know what you might get!

Instagram, I am not going to play the Instagram game, I just be myself and share whatever photographs that I am happy and comfortable with.

Inside EOS World Community, as a EOS World Community Ambassador, I hope to contribute back more whenever possible, to pass it on and pay it forward to the Canon photography community.

Personal photography projects

  • Canon Mini Photo Printer x Travelers Factory Notebook
  • Food and Whisky photography
  • Heritage and Vintage collections and flea market
  • Photography zines
  • My second photo book (topic TBA)
  • Personal heritage project (maybe on the topics of disappearing places or hawker food)

Major equipment upgrade

If the finances and budgeting for FY 2019 allows:

  • I am looking at adding an iPad Pro or upgrading my Apple MacBook Pro, as well as a monitor for photo editing.
  • A mirrorless camera (maybe Canon EOS M50) for social media, blogging and vlogging
  • 2nd hand DSLR (maybe a Canon EOS 5D Mark III) as a backup camera for commercial photography requirements.
  • A used Canon speedlite (maybe a 580EX II) for a 2 x speedlite strobist setup
Photo courtesy of Canon Singapore


  • Printing my own TGH Photography polo shirts
  • New unorthodox 2-in-1 business name cards for photography busines and social media marketing


On a personal basis, I hope to find travel photographers kakis that like mountains, rainforests, nature, national parks. I have a list of travel destinations that I hope to fulfil in this year 2019


Mt Bromo, Indonesia

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Kansai region, Japan (Autumn)

Hokkaido, Japan (Spring or Summer)

Northern Lights, Finland (Winter)

On a professional basis, travel photography assignments or projects are not easy to get, I still have a lot of areas to work on.

Last but not least

Last but not least, this is a reminder to myself to keep learning, adapting and improving. I must never be complacent and think that I know everything and anything.

Year 2019 has its own challenges and difficulties. We must keep on striving forward, adapting and conquer all the obstacles ahead.

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