Teacher’s Day 2021 was on 3rd September, I haven’t been celebrating Teacher’s Day since I finished my junior college days some decades back. First and foremost, let me wish all teachers a Happy Teacher’s Day! 

Photography by Ryan Cheng

Teacher’s Day celebration brought two subjects into my mind, learning/training and photography. I wasn’t formally trained in photography, I learnt through National Geographic Magazines, photography books, going hands-on and learning from my mistakes. However, I was blessed to meet different photographers in my photography journey over the decades who were willing to share their invaluable photography knowledge, skills and experiences with me. 

To my few photography friends/disciples that came under my tutelage, I hope that I am a good enough photography teacher. Training and sharing my photography knowledge, skills and experience are also another form of learning and gaining more knowledge, skills and experience for myself.

To myself, learning never stops, no matter what education level or life stage I am at right now. Besides continuous learning new skills and knowledge in photography and videography, I learnt to produce and publish my own photography zines, with more zine projects on the pipeline. 

Next up for me is digital arts and NFT, the next field that I am going into. The NFT sector is not entirely new to me, I am learning more about them, to keep up with the developments and what I need to do. 

Another field that I am working on is photography therapy zine/book through my nature, landscapes and outdoors photography. The ongoing global pandemic has taken a huge toll on our mental and emotional health. I wasn’t spared, I knew it deep down personally, how damaging it can be on us. My photography therapy works are meant to help lighten your stress in a small way or another, through my photographs and activities.    

Never stop learning, never stop teaching, in life, in my photography.

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