Today is 19th August 2020, this is also World Photography Day! Wishing all fellow photographers a Happy World Photography Day 2020!

I discovered World Photography Day when I was mentioned on Singapore Embassy in Berlin Facebook Page post whereby my photographer profile photo was featured along with a sharing on acknowledging all the photographers out there, whether you are an amateur or professional.

I am honoured and humbled to be featured and mentioned on Singapore Embassy in Berlin Facebook Page! This means a lot to me for my cultural and heritage photography coverage and documentation over the years!

Thank you very much Singapore Embassy in Berlin!

Since it’s World Photography Day 2020, I decided to participate and share a photograph that I took today in Singapore on 19th August 2020. It was a photograph of The National Museum of Singapore with her facade lighted up for Singapore’s 55th Birthday.

The message is not about getting the perfect moment or the technically perfect photo. My message for World Photography Day 2020 is #SGUnited – #TogetherStrongerSG.

Let us all be #SGUnited with #OurHeartForSG for a #TogetherStrongerSG as we are still navigating our way out of this global pandemic situation along with an economic downturn with our Majulah Sprit, strength and determination.

To all photographers out there, wishing all of you a Happy World Photography Day 2020 on 19th August! Keep shooting, keep the passion and fire burning inside you, sharing your photographs, moments and stories for your loved ones, family, relatives and friends, as well as for the whole world to view, learn and enjoy those moments.

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