Printing photographs and photo books have always been an integral part of a photographer’s workflow. While the era of digital photography provides instant viewing and sharing, digital photographs sometimes are unable to give the touch, feel and aura of a holding a physical photo print or photo book. I chanced upon an opportunity on Facebook, by Zno for a chance to get a 8×8 hardcover lay flat photo book free if I am able to meet their criteria. After answering a few questions, I qualified and this is my journey to a Square 8×8 Little Black Book with Zno.

Having printed my own photography book previously, as well as printing different sizes of photographs from square pocket, 4R to A3 size, it was very enjoyable, a sense of pride and achievement when I printed my photographs, for display or as a gift. Next up, I created an account with Zno and began my printing adventure!

Zno Designer user interface, layout and workflow

Using Zno Designer user interface and layout is not difficult at all, it’s pretty easy to navigate, select and start making your desired photo book. Once you have your curated and edited photographs ready for your photo book, it’s not difficult at all to upload your photos, placing and arranging them to your liking and preference. 

My Hokkaido 2016 autumn travel photography adventures

I visited Hokkaido during October 2016 for an autumn travel photography adventure, wonderful and bright colourful memories brought upon by the changing colours of the maple leaves. I was able to get two seasons in one frame, with autumn colours and winter snow covering some of the destinations that I visited in Hokkaido. Do visit my Flickr photography collection and you can enjoy my Hokkaido autumn travel photos! 

Therefore, I decided to select my Hokkaido 2016 autumn travel photography adventures as the theme for my square 8×8 little black book with Zno.

Personal thoughts and views

Although this Square 8×8 hard cover little black book of 24 photographs is printed at no cost from Zno, the international shipping fee is not covered and I had to pay for it. 

When I unboxed and opened up my Square 8×8 Little Black Book photo album of my Hokkaido 2016 autumn travel photos, I was impressed by the Lustre Photo Paper quality and vibrant colours. This little black book is classy yet modern and elegant with a designer feel and look. 

This would be a good personal photography book for all (not just photographers) to showcase their photography works, special moments or travel memories, and of course, this can also be part of a photographer’s portfolio of works for the clients to touch, feel and enjoy. A little black book makes a lovely gift idea for any occasion! For those who wonder about printing photographs, I would like to share with you my article, “Why we should go back to printing photographs

For the high quality paper and print quality, my personal opinion is Zno pricing is reasonable and really good. 

I would like to thank Zno for this opportunity to know more about you as a new lab printing house and to be able to print a square 8×8 hard cover little black book of my Hokkaido 2016 autumn travel photography adventures.

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