Minions fans in Singapore take note! This September, it’s time to say “Bello!” to the cute and mischievous Minions in Singapore as the Minions are Back at McDonald’s® restaurants across Singapore! They are bringing with them a selection of delicious offerings including the brand new Smoky Nacho Cheese Sauce, Yuzu Cream Cheese Pie and Melon Waffle Cone.

Let me first introduce the new delicious selections below!

Dip into the Smoky Nacho Cheese Sauce for a FUN time with your Chicken McNuggets®!

Are you a fan of Chicken McNuggets®? Don’t miss this! From 3rd September 2020, this all-time favourite Chicken McNuggets® (9 pieces) a la carte will be available for only $5 (Usual Price from $6.35).

Now you can enhance your Chicken McNuggets® experience by dipping them into the delicious Smoky Nacho Cheese Sauce! This Smoky Nacho Cheese Sauce Dip is exclusively available with every purchase of the Chicken McNuggets® and Happy Sharing Box (1).

You can also simply top-up $2 to enjoy the fluffy and delicious Minion Potatoes (6 pieces)!

As for your desserts to round up your McDonald’s® meal, you can end your meal on a citrusy and creamy note with the all-new Yuzu Cream Cheese Pie, available at all restaurants from $1.50 or the creamy and refreshing Melon Waffle Cone, available from $2. The Melon Waffle Cone is exclusively available at all Dessert Kiosks from 3 September, while stocks last. 

You can also have all your favourites in one meal with the Spicy Chicken McNuggets® Feast which includes the flaming hot Spicy Chicken McNuggets® (9 pieces), the iconic golden-brown fries (Medium), the all-new Yuzu Cram Cheese Pie, and the thirst quenching Yuzu McFizz. The Spicy Chicken McNuggets® Feast is available from $8.55, while the Chicken McNuggets® Feast is available from $8.35 at all restaurants, and via McDelivery® and GrabFood. 

Family FUN time collecting the Minion Happy Meal Toy Collectibles! 

This year, the cute Minions have brought with them their largest-ever collection of Minion Happy Meal Toy Collectibles featuring a line-up of 35 different designs to collect! Packaged in opaque capsules, you won’t know what’s inside until you open up the capsule to reveal your favourite Minions including Kevin, Stuart, Bob, Mel, Phil and Dave in different outfits. 

Find the Golden Minion! 

To make it even more exciting, each toy design also comes in an exclusive Golden Minion twin – making it a rare surprise! 

The Minion Happy Meal Toy Collectibles will be launched on Friday, 4 September at 11am, and 7 new designs will be subsequently released every Thursday at 11am.

In addition, bring the Minions to life by scanning the smile on our Happy Meal box! 

To do this, simply: 

  1. Download the Happy Meal App in the App Store / Google Play 
  2. Access the scan-the-smile function in the Happy Meal App
  3. Scan-the-smile on our Happy Meal box to activate the Minions-themed augmented reality family experience. There are a total of 5 variations, so each scan will offer you a brand new experience!

More FUN to come!

If you can’t get enough of the Smoky Nacho Cheese Sauce dip and want more of it, now you can! From 17th September 2020, Cheese Sauce lovers can purchase the Smoky Nacho Cheese Sauce Bottle at only $5.50 per bottle with every purchase of Chicken McNuggets® (2) or the Happy Sharing Box (3). 

There are delivery-exclusive bundles that can deliver some FUN to your home! The bundles are available in three different variations, each featuring the Smoky Nacho Cheese Sauce Bottle.

Delivery-Exclusive Bundle A: Chicken McNuggets (12pc) + McWings (8pc) + Smoky Nacho Cheese Sauce Bottle, Available for $19.45
Delivery-Exclusive Bundle B: Chicken McNuggets (6pc) + McWings (4pc) + Smoky Nacho Cheese Sauce Bottle, Available for $13.95
Delivery-Exclusive Bundle C: Spicy Chicken McNuggets (12pc) + McWings (8pc) + Smoky Nacho Cheese Sauce Bottle, Available for $19.65

Perfect for a small group of three or four, the Delivery-Exclusive Bundle C includes the all-time favourite Spicy Chicken McNuggets® (12pc), McWings (8pc) and Smoky Nacho Cheese Sauce Bottle. The bundles will be launched on 17 September and are available exclusively via McDelivery® and GrabFood, while stocks last. 

Kick Off to Great Deals on the McDonald’s App! 

To top it all off, free even more fun by checking out the Minions in-app game, available exclusively on the McDonald’s app to win great deals for the entire family. The Minions in-app game launches 3 September, and more deals will be launched throughout the month of September! 

From 10 September, customers can look forward to a series of Blockbuster 1-for-1 deals and more on the McDonald’s app! Check the McDonald’s app daily to find out the deal of the day. Click here for more info: 

Do share this delicious and FUN foodie news that Minions are Back at McDonald’s® restaurants across Singapore in September with your loved ones, family, relatives and friends! Pass It On and Pay It Forward! Sharing is caring!

* Information and pictures courtesy of McDonald’s® Singapore and Golin *


(1) and (2) Excludes Happy Meal Chicken McNuggets®

(3) Each customer may purchase a maximum of 4 bottles

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