Today is 9.9.2020, a day usually associated with 9.9 Super Shopping Day for most people. As for myself, on my photography and travel portal/blog, I would be doing a 9.9 Photography Update instead!

Quick update on my personal SingapoRediscovers project

I started off with a big plan and end plan in mind, while I was in the process of taking photographs and videos for my personal SingapoRediscovers project, I reviewed my plan again. After some careful and strategic planning, I split into two parts, the first part would be my photography zine and a short vlog, the second part would be kept under wraps for now.

While my progress has been hampered by erratic tropical weather in Singapore, I am pushing myself hard to complete my first part and launch my first official photography zine for sale.

Rainbow on 8.9

On my way to my highly trusted, friendly, professional and very reliable optometrist, The Lens Men at Marine Parade Central, I spotted a rainbow! It’s definitely a great omen for me and I do have a knack for spotting rainbows! 

Giving my sunglasses a new lease of life by The Lens Men

In an unfortunate (I only have myself to blame for my carelessness) incident, I crashed my Smarty prescription sunglasses that I made with The Lens Men in 2016. While the frame was broken, my glassed remained intact and in good condition. I went back to them for help and they got it fixed for me, found a new sports frame for me, along with some trimming on my sunglasses, thus giving my sunglasses a new lease of life by The Lens Men!

10 years with The Lens Men and still counting, they are not just your friendly neighbourhood optometrist. Their excellent customer service, customer care and professionalism makes us customers return to them again and again for our next pair of glasses. 

It’s still a very difficult time 

I am like a broken recorder, repeating some same old phrases since the outbreak of the global pandemic Covid-19, through circuit breaker periods and post circuit breaker phases till date. I shared a number of personal stories, thoughts and feelings on my technology, business and personal portal/blog during that period. 

It’s still a very difficult time for me, both personal and professional basis. Not just me, it’s a very difficult time for many of us and we are all trying our best to survive during this period. Let’s all press on and keep it going!

Support local business (Me) !

Do support your local businesses like myself, TGH Photography, my sole proprietorship photography business! If you are keen on any of my photographs and wish to purchase a large print, drop me an email! 

You can visit check my photographs on flickr and 500px! Do keep a lookout for my upcoming photography zine, part of my personal SingapoRediscovers project and do purchase a copy of my zine if you like it! 

If you like to buy a copy of my square 8×8 little black book on my Hokkaido autumn travel adventures printed by Zno, drop me an email!  

Pressing on and striving forward 

Life goes on, pressing on and striving forward during this very challenging and difficult period for many of us, on both personal and professional. We need to help each other and support each other as much as we can during this turbulent period. Let’s Pay-It-Forward, support local businesses, buy their products and services, refer customers to them! 

Oh yes, Happy 9.9 Super Shopping Day! Do check out my Canon camera reviews on my TGH  Photography and Travel portal/blog if you are planning to buy a Canon camera!

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