My 10 years story with The Lens Men, a journey that first began in 2010 at their Centrepoint outlet, followed by year 2014 at their JEM outlet, next was year 2016 for a pair of Smarty prescription sunglasses at their Parkway Parade outlet and most recently in 2020, at their Marine Parade Central outlet.

The pair of glassed that accompanied me from 2014 had went through some wear and tear over the years, the coating on my lenses had been scratched and it had affected my vision, not to mention my astigmatism has increased as well over the years and my right master eye had been strained due to my photography profession. Late last year, I knew it was time to replace my 2014 glasses for a new pair as my eyes were strained and tired, from photography work and long hours creating content on my laptop, tablet and smartphone.

Year 2020 – United Colors of Benetton (Red colour frame)

After some research and planning, I finally booked an appointment to return back to my friendly and trusted optometrist The Lens Men when circuit breaker in Singapore was lifted. Their professionalism, knowledge and experience are never in doubt since the day I first visited them in 2010. My appointment was pretty fast and smooth, they have my records and knew what were the adjustments/additions needed for my new prescription glasses.

Year 2014
Year 2016 – Smarty Sunglasses S14516

Going back to Crizal lenses are a natural choice since my last two pairs were Crizal lenses. The Crizal Sapphire UV lenses are what I really need right now, clarity and using my gadgets (laptop, tablet, smartphones) are now much more comfortable for my eyes. While there are a number of Crizal options available, I trust the folks from The Lens Men to introduce me the suitable option.

As photographers, we do strain our eyes a lot, searching and seeking for the photographic moment from near and far. Besides that, I am into content creation and digital marketing as well, therefore, I am sometimes “glued” to my laptop, tablet, smartphones to create and produce leisure, business, content, social media and digital marketing content, thus the strain on our eyes are even more imminent. Remember to take good care of your eyes!

10 years with The Lens Men, an eye opening journey indeed.

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