Have you heard of International Day of Happiness? What is the International Day of Happiness all about? Basically, it’s a day to be happy! Our happiness is a fundamental human goal and we are marking International Day of Happiness on 20th March 2024. The United Nations proclaimed 20 March to be the International Day of Happiness, recognising the importance and relevance of happiness and a person’s well-being as universal goals and aspirations in the lives of human beings around the world.

Embracing International Day of Happiness 2024 through my visual storytelling journeys

How I am embracing International Day of Happiness 2024? Through my Canon visual storytelling/photography journeys. Photography brings me on an exploration journey, travelling to different places off-the-beaten path, giving me avenue to showcase my visual stories complementing my writing. This is also a form of therapy when I am in nature and the great outdoors, more than just capturing sceneries and wildlife, the peace and tranquility that nature brings to me. 

Exploring nature and great outdoors, enjoying a beautiful sunset at the coast, photographing wildlife at different parks and nature reserves, travelling to different parts of the world, capturing priceless memories and moments with my Canon EOS R6 Mark II. 

Bring my photography/creative projects to life in 2024

In 2024, I am looking at different project themes and ideas, that I am planning to bring to life, publishing new zines or photo books, adding on to my portfolio of photography/creative print works. As I continue to work on breaking through in the travel photography and writing sector in 2024, I am planning to publish travel memoirs, that would be something new for me.  

There are many a times, the stress and pressure of a modern capitalist society, world economic uncertainty, social media narcissism and comparisons, and the larger geo-political situations around the world, all these do make happiness difficult to achieve and attain at times.

I hope all of us can find our own unique ways to achieve our own happiness, not just on International Day of Happiness, in our everyday life as well. 

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