World Water Day 2024 – Water for Peace

World Water Day falls on 22nd March each year, an annual United Nations (UN) Observance focusing on the importance of water. This is rapidly becoming a precious natural commodity that can create peace or even spark a conflict. With climate change impacting and affecting our water supply, coupled with an increasing world population that needs more water, there is an even greater and urgent need for for the world to unite for a common cause to protect and conserve Mother Earth most precious resource – water. The theme for World Water Day 2024 – Water for Peace. What role can you play on World Water Day 2024?

Water for Peace – Create an effect

Water for peace, everyone of us has a part to play to part in this. Together in unity as a world, we can each create an effect that combines together, our peace and harmony, to make things good for the benefit for Earth where we are living on.

Water must not turn into a resource that human beings have to fight for drinking and using, this is a human right, an integral part of our everyday aspect of life. On World Water Day 2024, the whole world needs to unite around this precious commodity water. Let’s use Water for Peace, and change the world into a more stable and prosperous future.

World Water Day 2024 with my Canon visual storytelling

Through my Canon visual storytelling exploration and documentation over the years into nature, great outdoors, rivers, beaches, mangrove wetlands, parks, coastal areas and the beach, photographing, documenting and observing the diversity of nature, wildlife and travel sceneries of the world that we live in.

From the otters living, hunting for food and moving along our waterways in Singapore, the migration birds visiting our shores, the coastal areas and sea around us that cements Singapore as a global transportation/shipping hub, and also how Singapore built her resilience of water supply over the decades. Not just the wildlife, the land, nature, and us human beings, we all depend on water to survive. 

This mesmerising “In a Rainbow” light artwork display by House of VSE at Alexandra Point Tunnel has also transformed into blue for World Water Day 2024 from 11th to 22nd March. Through House of VSE light artworks, you can make an impact, spread the word and awareness through arts and creativity. 

This is also the time to remind ourselves that water is an invaluable and finite resource, we have to play our part to ensure Water for Peace. Singapore is also marking with its own Singapore World Water Day 2024 by PUB Singapore’s National Water Agency, playing both local and international roles to advocate Water for Peace for World Water Day 2024. 

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