The fourth edition of Light to Night Festival 2020 is back from 10th to 19th January 2020 in the civics district of Singapore. I had experienced and grew with this Light to Night Festival, getting bigger, better and more exciting with their artworks, activities and programmes. Over a two week period, based on the theme “Invisible Cities”, that draws inspiration from Italo Calvino’s novel of the same title. Visitors to Light to Night Festival 2020 can explore the Civic District cultural institutions and the open public spaces of the precinct, into a world of light, sound and movement.

What are the programmes and activities taking place during Light to Night Festival 2020? Let me introduce you to some of the key festival highlights and bring you into the mood of exploring Invisible Cities.

Key Festival Highlights

Art Skins on Monuments – City States of Mind

As you walk and explore Civic District majestic monuments, enjoy the light projections on the facades, immerse yourself into the dreams, forgotten memories and deep desires hidden inside them.

Optical Maze by OTTOTTO

Located at the Padang, a colourful pavilion by day and a brightly illuminated labyrinth by night. Remember to head up to the Padang Deck on Level 5, view the Optical Maze from above and you can see the lines of Marc Nair’s poem written in lights.

Floating City by Nipek X KNOTS

This is my favourite artwork installation, located at Padang Atrium, National Gallery Singapore. It’s like a light show of glowing skyscrapers in the sky. View them from the bottom up, go up close and personal on the walkway bridge on Level 3 and view from the top down.

Art X Social (Festival Village)

If you are feeling hungry, thirsty and in need of a rest and recharge, head down to Art X Social (Festival Village) at Empress Lawn, Connaught Drive and St. Andrew’s Road. You won’t miss it and I reckon you would enjoy it!

Shadows of  Dust and Clouds by Vertical Submarine

At the Asian Civilisations Museum Green, visitors can interact with this artwork, a giant mirror installation, a response to Desmond Kon’s poem “The Mirrored Dias of History and Signs”.

Between Two Worlds by Quarters Architects

An interesting and interactive artwork that at Esplanade Park, inspired by Kevin Martens Wong’s poems. Walk through the passageway, observe the mirrored memory pools and its reflective surfaces. As you enter into the artwork, you would become invisible to others from the outside.

There are also talks, tours and performances at the Civic District during Light to Night Festival 2020, for more information visit National Gallery Singapore website! I haven’t finishing exploring Light to Night Festival 2020, I am planning to continue exploring more of the Invisible Cities during this festival.

Mark down the dates! Starting on the 10th to 19th January 2020, visit Light to Night Festival 2020 with your family, loved ones and friends! Sharing is caring, Pay It Forward and Pass It On, share about Light to Night Festival 2020!

The weekends would be the most exciting as the Civic District is transformed into a lively, happening and fun artistic Civic District! Wear comfortable walking shoes, you would be doing quite a bit of walking around the Civic District! Come on down, have fun, enjoy and explore the Civic District!

I would like to thank National Gallery Singapore and Tate Anzur for the invitation to the media preview of Light to Night Festival 2020. Visit my Flickr photo album and Instagram for more photographs of Light to Night Festival 2020!

Light to Night Festival 2020 – Invisible Cities


Location: Civic District

From: 10th to 19th January 2020

Admission: Free

Hashtag: #LightToNightSG

Road closures

Dates: 10, 11, 17, 18 January 2020

Time: 4pm – 1am

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