Chingay is one of Singapore’s major events, it is the largest street performance and float parade in Asia, attracting many participants from both local and businesss communities, as well as international guests from around the world.

The Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS), one of the leading private education institutions (ranked Top 3 among PEIs) in Singapore, participated in Chingay 2018, their 4th year participating in this iconic and major Singapore event, bringing with them their youthful enthusiasm and energy to the visitors at Chingay 2018.

Thanks to MDIS, I was invited to visit the MDIS Chingay 2018 contingent during one of their rehearsals, the Chingay 2018 NE Show. Visiting the MDIS students contingent at their rest/preparation area, I got to learn more about MDIS participation and involvement over the years, it was great to hear students coming back year after year to participate in the Chingay parade because they had great fun and wanted to continue to be involved in Chingay!

The MDIS Chingay 2018 contingent featured 60 international students (from Japan, Russia, Myanmar, Indonesia, South Korea and China) across 10 countries, showcasing the multi-cultural and international diversity of the student participants at Chingay 2018. Their costumes were made of holographic fabric, dancing to modern music and hip hop while performing at Chingay 2018. For Chingay 2018, they also have something special and unique, a life-sized “flying car” model, built by MDIS, conceptualised, designed and fabricated entirely in-house using new industry standards 3D printers at the MDIS School of Engineering.

Here are some of the photos of MDIS Chingay 2018 contingent performing during Chingay 2018 NE Show!

I went back on 24th February to continue photographing/documenting Chingay 2018 Parade at the Floating Platform, here are more photos of the MDIS Chingay 2018 contingent!

MDIS “flying car” showcases their “Future of Education”, encompassing both 3D printing technology and precision engineering. Combining the hard sciences with soft skills of communications, creativity, talent and multi-cultural diversity, this MDIS 2018 Chingay contingent displays the multi disciplinary and international diversity of MDIS from education to unity and cameraderie among students from around the world, shining brightly during Chingay Parade 2018.

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