In the current world that we live in, constantly filled with unrelentless updates, sharing and exchanges on social media networks, do you ever feel the stress, fatigue, anxiety and anger from this era of digital connectivity? Do you ever feel the need and desire to move away from all these digital connections and into a world of Minimalism of space, light and object?

What is Minimalism all about? What does Minimalism mean to you? Minimalism – Space, Light, Object, what is this all about?


I had been exploring and discovering Minimalism, through my own interpretation using black and white landscape photography. This was my personal philosphical approach to Minimalism. As I started to explore more, through decluttering, furnishings, home designs, Japanese Zen, Minimalism becomes an avenue, a world for me to move into and away from all the digital world out there today.

My personal exploration and discovering Minimalism took place over the past few years, an experiential journey of self discovery and understanding. Then there was this exhibition titled, “Minimalism – Space Light Object”, organised by National Gallery Singapore in collaboration with ArtScience Museum.

I visited Minimalism – Space Light Object exhibitions at National Gallery Singapore and ArtScience Museum, this is like a time machine journey that goes back in time into the 1960s when Minimalism first came to life through artistic tendency, developing, changing and evolving over time into the modern 21st century today. Digging in further and doing more research into Minimalism, I found this article titled “The Intellectual Origins of Minimalism” by Blair Asbury Brooks published on Artspace. If you are like me, exploring and discovering Minimalism, I high recommend you to read this article!

From abstract art form and artworks, beyond the frame to incorporate environmental, social and political contexts. Making significant impacts to lifestyle, fashion, design, arts, music, performance, Minimalism began to establish itself as a global modern contemporary art and lifestyle.

From 16th November 2018 to 14th April 2019, the first Minimalism-focused exhibition is presented for the first time in Southeast Asia at Singapore’s two leading cultural institutions, National Gallery Singapore and ArtScience Museum.

At National Gallery Singapore, the exhibition depicts the birth, development and legacies of Minimalism from the 1950s to the modern day, with more than 100 artworks on display from Europe, to the United States and Asia. The ideas of presence and absence, influenced by Asian philosophies such as Zen Buddhism.

Meanwhile, at the ArtScience Museum, the exhibition there depicts the themes of colour, exploring form and spirituality, through notions of emptiness, nothingness, space, the universe and beyond, influenced by eastern philosophies and science.

As I started upon this Minimalism – Space Light Object journey at National Gallery Singapore and ArtScience Museum, a self-discovery adventure, understanding the artists’ artworks and perspectives towards Minimalism. Although I wasn’t able to understand all of them, I did manage to connect with some minimalist artworks.

What does Minimalism means to you, to me?

This Minimalism journey can be a very personal thing inside you, that you may want to explore and discover for yourself. I strongly and highly recommend you to visit Minimalism – Space Light Object exhibitions at National Gallery Singapore and ArtScience Museum.

Feel it, step away from the digital world for a few hours, engage yourself with the minimalist artworks, re-discover yourself again and how you change your approach to the modern life and society in another way.

Take your time and do not rush, immerse and engage yourself with/and into the Minimalism artworks. Open up your heart, eyes and soul, look beyond the frame, space, light and object. Do check out the photographs that I took at Minimalism – Space Light Object inside my Flickr photography album.

Personally, I was able to learn other approaches to my Minimalism discovery, through space and object, artworks and abstract perspectives, that I may apply to my personal Minimalism photography, where the light always shines through.

This is what Minimalism means to me, through my black and white landscape photography.

I would like to thank National Gallery Singapore and ArtScience Museum for the invitation to Minimalism – Space Light Object exhibition.

Key information and details on Minimalism – Space Light Object

Organised by National Gallery Singapore

In collaboration with ArtScience Museum

Microsite: Minimalism – Space Light Object


National Gallery Singapore

ArtScience Museum

Exhibition Dates

16th November 2018 to 14th April 2019

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Pre-order your tickets here, you can buy tickets from National Gallery Singapore or ArtScience Museum (highly recommended to avoid the queues)

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