This topic came about most recently as I am currently doing ongoing tweaks, improvements and updates to my websites, that I mentioned in a personal article titled, “Updates and Topics of Interest – Post Circuit Breaker 8th June 2020”. Splitting my time, work and effort on my various websites, TGH Commercial Photography, TGH Photography and Travel Portal/Blog, TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog, 500px, Flickr, MakersPlace, Instagram. Soon, the improvement process moved to my Instagram account, giving rise to this article, My Love and Hate Relationship with Instagram.

A few things happened prior to this, I was chatting with friends on Instagram, some have given up, some are not even on Instagram, some are still there and going strong. In recent months, I haven’t been posting as many photographs on Instagram while I am posting more Instagram stories instead. During that time, I was looking back at my time and reflecting on my posts, some were really crappy, I am wondering how and why did I post them? A recent article published by The Phoblographer titled, “Here’s How I’m Changing  The Culture of Instagram” resonates with me a lot, for photographers who are into Instagram, do visit and check it out!

Instagram used to be fun, it was instant photography, Instagrammers used to tag “latergram”, should the photos were not instant or at the moment. Posting photographs from cameras were frowned upon, it was mobile/smartphone photography. It was carefree for me, I didn’t bother with curation at that time, something which I have some regret that I didn’t take action to make some changes at that point in time.

Over time as Instagram grew, the platform changed dramatically and drastically, from being sold to Facebook, brands coming in, people just uploading from cameras to their smartphone before posting (Yes, I also joined in on this part), influencers coming onboard and “ruling” the norms, portraying the supposed Instagram lifestyle. I didn’t play the so-called Instagram game and I didn’t join some photographers with their fanciful filters editing.

Nowadays, some brands don’t look at your content anymore, they just look at follower numbers, how glamorous you are, how you brand and showcase yourself in the Instagram and social media world. The chase for fame and status resulted in some unethical and unorthodox methods on Instagram, well documented and covered over the years.

As I started to review and reflect on my Instagram, a love and hate relationship with Instagram. I got to know many more people via Instagram. I do admit to falling into the trap of getting jealous with follower numbers, fame and status. However, it dawned upon me to stop chasing the likes, follower numbers, fame and status.

I want to return back to the fun of Instagram photography, I am also going to be more selective of my photography postings thus you might see more Instagram stories in between posts. I am not planning to do a reset and delete my past Instagram posts, they would be my history to constantly remind me that I need to be more selective in my posts and producing quality posts as well.

Maybe it’s time to bring back the smaller photography group outings again and go out exploring our backyard, our neighbourhood, outdoors, parks, nature reserves etc, instead of challenging our egos to beat or outshine others.

The time has come for the return of TGH Photography x Canon EOS RP Explorer Series Production.

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  1. Thanks for your honest article. I think your feelings resonate with many people who aren’t even photographers. As a new blogger Ice considered whether Instagram is ‘worth the effort’. From what I’ve read up and discovered, there’s a great amount of fairness with Instgram, there are many accounts that are fake, accounts that buy followers and unless you fit a stereotypical ‘mould’ of what an ‘influencer’ should look like. So unless it really contributes to people clicking through to my site, which it often doesn’t. I dont think theres need for me to vie for attention, I too embrace the fun side.

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