Heritage, history, preservation and conservation enthusiasts, supporters in Singapore, as well as photographers who have a keen passion and interest in the above fields, there is a #OurSGHeritage Photography Contest, organised by National Geographic, in partnership with National Heritage Board.

The theme is on Singapore’s Intangible Cultural Heritage. What is Intangible Cultural Heritage all about? They comprises of traditions, rituals, crafts, expressions, knowledge and skills, practise and pass down from one generation to another generation. For those who wish to know more in depth, visit UNESCO article on “What is Intangible Cultural Heritage?”

With my passion and interest in the heritage, history, preservation and conservation fields, over the years that I started my own photography documentation, I had been focusing more on the tangible aspects from old places, old playgrounds, places that were going to make way for future developments. While I had covered on some Intangible Cultural Heritage, on a personal basis, I have not done enough for this field.

How do I go about entering this #OurSGHeritage Photography Contest?

Step 1: Take photographs that best represents living heritage in Singapore and upload it to Instagram

Step 2: Write your story on why you think this intangible cultural heritage is important and what it means to you

Step 3: Publish on Instagram, remember to hashtag #OurSGHeritage and #IntangibleCulturalHeritage, tag @NatGeoAsia and @NHB_SG

Contest period: 24th January 2020 to 6th March 2020

Stand a chance to win some exciting prizes!

*** Do read the official rules document for their T&C ***

Due to business commitments over the past few years, I haven’t been doing as much as I would have like for my heritage, history, preservation and conservation fields, I would take this #OurSGHeritage Photography Contest to work on my Intangible Cultural Heritage segments, to kickstart a new long term personal photography project. Do visit my Flickr photographs collection and check out my personal #OurSGHeritage documentation over the years!

Which segment of Intangible Cultural Heritage would I choose to cover and document?     

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