Rainbows, a natural phenomenon that I would keep a lookout for whenever I am outside, like a blessing to me whenever I spotted them. They have long been held as symbols of hope, luck and new beginnings for many cultures around the world. While spotting a rainbow can be pretty rare and elusive, you can now experience your Rainbow Connection II at Malay Heritage Centre’s (MHC) – Hope, Light and Future.

What is Rainbow Connection II all about?

Rainbow Connection II is co-created by local artist Lee Yun Qin and underserved communities. This outdoor installation comprises a total of 500 suspended solar light modules made from up cycled cookie containers and solar lights. Each and every individual light module is unique, yet they come together to form a gorgeous sight when lit up at night, scattering and spreading prismatic projections all around. 

Watch closely as each light module gently rotate and sway in the wind, bringing this rainbow, colourful and creative artworks installation to life through the dynamic play of shadows, lights and colours.

“In the Woods” and In the Deep”

Rainbow Connection II’s light module units are designed and individually painted by beneficiaries from social service agency Brighton Connection based on two themes, “In the Woods” and “In the Deep”. Through art and creativity, we can unite the community together through the artworks,  portraying the social fabric that holds individuals together, painting a picture of solidarity amidst diversity. 

After Rainbow Connection II finished its tour of duty to be shining light at the MHC fountain, they will travel into the heartland communities at MacPherson estate and Somerset Youth Park later this year.

Mr Alvin Tan, Deputy Chief Executive (Policy & Community), National Heritage Board (NHB), said, “The installation is part of NHB’s and MHC’s ongoing accessibility efforts to strengthen community connection by working with local artists to engage underserved communities to showcase their works. In this case, we decided to collaborate and create an installation that would reflect our collective hope for a better future for Singaporeans and for Singapore as we further ease COVID-19 community measures.”

Photo tips and ideal time to visit Rainbow Connection II at MHC

In the day, you can view the light modules, each with its own unique individual design, drawing and painting. I recommend visiting in the late afternoon/evening time when it’s not too hot, observe the direction where the sun is setting and keep a lookout for the light rays that would shine through the artworks, giving them a glorious aura and evening glow.

When the sun sets, the skyline would start to change, my favourite blue hour time is here. At this juncture, the light modules would slowly start to light up and come to life! Observe from a short distance away and you can photograph Rainbow Connection II in the foreground, along with MHC, the majestic Sultan Mosque and bustling Kampong Glam in the background. 


Do not miss out connecting with this Rainbow Connection II! You have to slowly enter into the rainbow and walk through this rainbow journey, please be gentle and careful, safety first and do take care of the artworks! 

May the Rainbow Connection II Be With You!

As Singapore starts to fully open up again with the easing of the COVID-19 safety measures, the whole society went through a lot during the past two years. Rainbow Connection II presents a united front through artworks, colours and lights, beacons of rainbow surrounding and connecting us together in solidarity, in the battle against COVID-19 over the past two years as well as making it through and getting out united together. 

Since Rainbow Connection II at MHC ends on 29th May 2022, coinciding with May the 4th Be With You, therefore I would like to wish May The Rainbow Connection II Be With You! 

Information on Rainbow Connection II 

Venue: Malay Heritage Centre Fountain

Date: 29th April to 29th May 2022 (Tuesdays to Sundays, closed on Mondays)

Time: 10am to 9pm

Admission is free.

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