We are now into the second half of Year 2022, time flies in the blink of an eye. How was your second quarter (Q2) and first half (H1) of 2022 like for you? Overall for me, it had been a mix of ups and downs on the business side of things for my photography and travel. Taking the time to look back and reflect on H1 & Q2 2022 (Photography and Travel), planning and aligning myself for Q3 2022 and H2 2022. 



Economic situation is still challenging, no doubt some had it better than others. That’s how running a business is like, the competition, not everyone is on the same level or pace. It had always been tough and difficult, it had got even harder over the past few years and the global pandemic situation threw in extra weight into it.

From previously diversifying back into certain photography genres, I would relook again, and make the strategic changes if necessary. 

Social Media Marketing 

At the start of the year 2022, social media marketing had moved up as part of business services provision along with my photography services. I had good hopes for this segment as I started off doing social media marketing for a food business. However, things didn’t go to plan, I would have to continue rebuilding up this services again. 

Training & Consultancy 

A growing photography business segment, that would an area that I would look into more in-depth, beyond training & consultancy for photography for corporate side of things, I can look into photography education/training for learners too.


A constant reminder to myself that not everything about my photography is about commercial work, I have to remind myself of my own personal photography projects.

I need to finish up with the tweaking and editing of my second photography zine, thereafter I can discuss with my local printer to get it published. During Q2 2022, I met with some delays, procrastination (again), time management issues, it’s high time for me to get it completed. 

As for personal projects, I would keep you all posted on my website! It’s time to finish up documenting and photographing some districts in Singapore, they would be changes to their physical landscapes and surroundings. 


An area whereby I didn’t put much expectations and goals at the start of the year, that wasn’t any disappointments that I didn’t fulfil any of my travel goals. I had been observing and following the travel and tourism industry changes over H1 2022, they are moving forward, from both demand and supply side of things. It would still take time to ramp up as the world starts to fully restart travel and tourism, I am running an ongoing Special Theme Q2 2022 – Fully Restarting Tourism, sharing travel and tourism stories and happenings taking place around the world.

On a personal note, I am keeping my fingers crossed that I am able to go for a short personal travel holiday in Q3 2022 (if not Q4 2022) whereby airfares and the levels of the travel and tourism industry are back to a more normalised level. 

From a travel writing/photography/content creator perspective, not many opportunities in this segment, I have to continue networking with different sectors of the travel and tourism industry, maybe opportunity would arise in the near future.   

Please be kind, Please do not Judge!

The world is getting more difficult to live and work in, we are not helped by the world economic situation as well as our social media driven and instant gratification glamorous lifestyle. The world needs more kind and understanding citizens, less judgemental people. 

Please be kind, Please do not Judge! A reminder to myself too.

What’s next for Q3 2022 and H2 2022?

Just when we were working towards exiting a global pandemic situation that had caused so much disruptions to our economy and daily living from 2020 to 2022, the world entered into another crisis situation, the world is facing high inflation, ongoing conflict situation in Europe, a recession is looming above us, throw in possible stagflation too. Not to forget that we are not officially out of this global pandemic situation. 

From a set of uncertainties to another different set of uncertainties, we have to be fluid and nimble that we can adapt should the need arises. While I am restricting and pivoting my photography business into a balanced mix of photography and content creation/social media marketing, I have to be nimble, be ready for changes and opportunities that might pop up.

What’s next for Q3 2022 and H2 2022? Let’s see where this journey brings me in the next quarter and 2nd half of 2022. Do check out my Reflecting H1 & Q2 2022 (Other Business, Technology and Personal) article as well!

Anyway, in this era of instant gratification of showing off photos and videos, who still reads?

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